Financial Economic Crime

At Financial Economic Crime, we investigate the real stories behind money flows. Our analyses form the basis for preventing money laundering, fraud and the financing of terrorism. Do you want to use your skills for a safer financial world? Readthe stories below of our colleagues with expertise in CDD, investigations, Sanctions and Transaction Monitoring. And maybe you too will soon be using your talent in one of these areas of expertise.

For a safer financial world

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Millions of cash flows around the world at any time of the day. Near and far. Sometimes very visible, sometimes less so. As a cooperative bank with deep roots in society, Rabobank takes its gatekeeper role very seriously. Wherever money goes, we see to it that it makes a clean journey. And so we contribute to a safer financial world.

Our responsibility is to protect society from financial economic crime. Therefore, we continuously investigate our clients to control and monitor integrity risks.

FEC (Financial Economic Crime) is therefore an important part of our organization. As inspired professionals, we keep money on the right path, for our clients and society.

Financial Economic Crime

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FEC Tech & Data Analytics

Crack your brains with huge datasets and the latest tools

FEC Change & Implemen­tation

Be the driving force behind the FEC teams

Customer Due Diligence

Help to keep the financial system safe with your analytical insight

Sanctions monitoring

You keep our financial system healthy

Transaction monitoring

Keep the financial system healthy with your sharp eye

FEC Investigations

Do your research and contribute to a safer financial world

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