Financial Economic Crime

Keep our financial system healthy

The farmer who gets a fair price for his harvest. The entrepreneur who sees his business grow. The starter who is buying his first house. Money can improve lives and make dreams come true. But it must be in the right hands. And stay there. To prevent issues such as money laundering, fraud and terrorism financing, we are always looking for specialists in the field of Financial Economic Crime (FEC).  People from different areas of expertise to ensure that our financial system remains healthy.

Our responsibility as gatekeeper

Millions of money flows go around the world at any given moment. Near and far. Sometimes very visible, sometimes less so. As a cooperative bank with deep roots in society, Rabobank takes its gatekeeper role very seriously. Wherever money goes, we make sure it travels a clean path.

Our responsibility is to protect society from financial economic crime. We therefore continually research our customers to control and monitor integrity risks.
Therefore, KYC (Know Your Customer) is  an important part of the renewed organization FEC. As inspired professionals, we keep money on the right path, for our customers and society.

Working for FEC

FEC at Rabobank

Frequently asked questions

  • FEC stands for Financial Economic Crime, the field in which we gather in-depth customer knowledge with the aim of creating a healthy, safe and future-proof financial system. FEC includes a number of areas of expertise and Customer Due Diligence, or CDD, is one of them. Within CDD, we analyse customer relationships, company structures and money flows, and investigate signals that may indicate financial crime.

  • Honest banking is a prerequisite for a financially healthy and future-proof society. Extensive knowledge of our customers is therefore essential. In this way, we can be sure that money ends up in the right places, where it can do good things.

  • FEC is a broad field, so the skills vary according to the expertise. But our financial system is vast and money flows often complex. FEC colleagues are therefore often curious, analytical and inquisitive.

    In addition, personal leadership is indispensable within FEC. That means you think like an entrepreneur: you use time, energy and resources efficiently. But you are also goal-oriented, take initiative and continue to develop your talent.

    Finally, knowledge of FEC is not a hard requirement, but it is an advantage.

  • Different types of analysts work within FEC. At Rabobank, these include data, CDD and AML analysts, each with their own focus area. View the FEC vacancies for more information.