Rabobank uses cookies and similar techniques to make the website work properly and securely. They also allow us to keep you better informed. For example, with personalized content and relevant vacancies on and other websites.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that our website stores on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. With this we collect information about your website visit or about the computer, tablet or smartphone you use. We’re storing this information, too.

If you accept all cookies, we and other companies with whom we work, can analyse your internet behaviour. We create a profile with your personal data. This way we recognize you on your next visit to our site and we make the website more personal by showing relevant information.

Some cookies are necessary and are always placed. When visiting the website, you always make the choice for which cookies you give permission for. Your privacy is important to us, we do not sell your data.

Read more ( about how we handle your privacy

How do I set my cookies?

You choose your own cookie preference. Do you want to adjust your cookie settings? You can do that on this page. Do you use different browsers? Then you have to adjust your cookie setting separately for each browser. If you do not accept the cookies of, you may be asked on every page of the website whether you want to accept cookies.

Please set your preference below for the use of cookies on

Cookie setting 'Only necessary cookies'

With this cookie setting you accept that necessary and analytical cookies are placed. These cookies are necessary to make use of this website in a secure way. With cookies we measure anonymous click behavior, for example how many visitors have visited our website. With this setting, we cannot tailor content to your preferences.

We always set these cookies

We use this cookie to store your cookie choice. The retention period is 1 year.

This cookie tracks your visit and saves your selection for Skills Match, allowing us to provide you with personalized and relevant information on the site. The retention period is 1 year.

Together with the RABO_UUID cookie, we use this session cookie to measure your behavior on the website. This enables us to offer related pages and articles for a better user experience during your visit. We store this cookie until you close the browser.

We use this cookie to store your preferred language. We store this cookie for one year.

_ga, _gid, _utm, _gid 1
These cookies are from Google and are used for tracking visitor statistics and linking internet behavior from different devices. The _ga cookie is also used to do analysis. With this we improve our websites. We store these cookies for two years.

utag, utag_main
These cookies are used by the tag management system Tealium. It allows us to use partner functionalities, such as visitor statistics from Google Analytics and feedback functionalities. Your web address is automatically made unrecognizable: no personally identifiable information is stored. In a cookie checker you can also find TIQCDN. That is not a cookie. TIQCDN is Tealium's computer that calls the tag manager. Retention time of these cookies is 1 year.

_pcid and _pctx (Piano visitor, and context id), pa_privacy and _pprv (consent)
We use this cookie to analyze our customer behavior within the website and app. The tool allows us to get a good understanding of what our customers are doing within our digital environments. The retention time of these cookies is 13 months.

ak_bmsc and bm_sv
These cookies are used to load the site as fast as possible and to recognize bots using Akamai. We store the cookie for 1 hour.

Cookie setting 'Accept all cookies'

With this setting, the website is completely tailored to your personal use and preferences. You hereby give permission to share your internet behavior with us, but also with our partners. By this we mean companies inside and outside Europe with whom we collaborate to create a customer profile of you. We and our partners use this customer profile to display personalized content and/or advertisements.

We place these cookies in addition to necessary cookies

This cookie is used by Google for the function of the conversion linker to store information about ad clicks on our website

_hjid, _hjFirstSeen, _hjAbsoluteSessionInProgress, _hjFirstSeen, _hjIncludedInPageviewSample, _hjIncludedInSessionSample
To gain insight into where people are looking and clicking on our website, Hotjar cookies are used. The data collected by these cookies allows us to analyze what is being done on the website in order to improve the website. This cookie is placed when visiting a page that contains the Hotjar code. The cookie contains a unique identifier (UUID), which allows tracking the same visitor across multiple pages and sessions. This session cookie is set to let Hotjar know if a visitor is included in the sample.

The retention time of _hjid is 1 year. We store the cookies _hjAbsoluteSessionInProgress, _hjIncludedInSessionSample and _hjIncludedInPageviewSample for 30 minutes. We delete _hjFirstSeen and _hjIncludedInPageviewSample immediately when you close the browser.

_fbp, Act, p or presence, sb, the empty facebook cookie,Csm, c_user, fr, s, xs, datr & lu
Facebook places several cookies with different retention periods. They are all used to improve Rabobank's advertising offerings on Facebook. Act, p or presence, sb and the empty facebook cookie (this cookie has no name) we delete immediately after you close the browser. Csm, c_user, fr, s and xs cookies we keep for two months. _fbp cookie we keep for three months. datr or lu we keep for 11 months, the cookie with sb we keep for two years.

Bscookie, bcookie, AnalyticsSyncHistory, ar_debug, UserMatchHistory, lidc, lissc, lang
LinkedIn sets several cookies with different retention periods. These are used to improve Rabobank's advertising offerings on LinkedIn, the lang cookie to use your preferred language and the bc cookie to enable you to share information from us via LinkedIn. lang-cookie we delete immediately when you close the browser. bcookie, BizoID and BizoUserMatchHistory cookies we keep for six months. lidc cookie we keep for one day. lissc cookie we keep for one year.

edgebucket, csv, loid
Reddit places cookies for campaign purposes. They use this information to improve the experience, understand user activity, personalize content and ads, and improve the quality of our Services. The retention period for these cookies is 1 year.

Vimeo places a cookie to store user's usage history. the retention period of this cookie is 2 years.

Local storage

In addition to cookies, there are also so-called local storage elements (also called "local data" and "local memory"). Data is stored locally in the cache of your browser, which continues to exist and can be read even after you close the browser window - as long as you do not delete the cache. Third parties cannot access the data stored in the local storage. They are not passed on to third parties and are not used for advertising purposes.

These cookies are placed in your local storage (, lastExternalReferrerTime, dataXHighlighterActive, _grecaptcha, lastExternalReferrer.