At Rabobank, we believe that people who complement each other make us stronger. That’s why we want to offer the right guidance and facilities to all the people who work for us. Especially if you’re someone who faces challenges related to a disability. Because it’s only normal that people who want to work get the opportunity to do so!

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Applying for a Job

Applying for a job can be quite daunting if you need extra support at work. That's why we offer you all the help you need. Are you having trouble applying online? Or would you like to discover how you could work at Rabobank without any worries? Then contact our colleagues at the Inclusive Support Desk. They are here to help you and offer you the guidance you need.

Feel free to let us know before you apply or during the application process what tools you need to complete your application or do your job if hired. That way your manager can take those needs into account from the start.

Working at Rabobank with a Disability

Do you have a visual, hearing, or motor disability or are you neurodiverse? If so, it’s likely that we already have facilities available that will help you to do your job well. After all, you’re not alone. And if we don’t have those facilities yet, we’ll look into the possibilities.

The Inclusive Support Desk helps with:

Accessible IT Systems

We make sure that the right software is installed on your laptop as soon as possible after you start the job and that you get the right training.

Inspiration Session

We also help you organize an inspiration session for your direct colleagues and your manager so that they can learn about any factors they may need to consider to support you.

Office Adaptations

We provide accessible workplaces and buildings. For example, we can help in adapting lifts or entrance gates.

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RAP at Work Network

You are not alone. Would you like to share your experiences and get tips from other colleagues? Then join RAP at Work network and get to know colleagues facing similar challenges.

We hope to see you soon!

Go to our vacancies or contact the Inclusive Support Desk.

Contact the Inclusive Support Desk

Mail us at our department mailbox

Or contact one of our advisers directly:

Meryem Bakirhan

Frans van den Top

Applying for a job when you have a disability? The Inclusive Support Desk is here to help you.