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As a Software Engineer, you’re responsible for driving the automation around building and releasing software components and continuously improving the way you work. Bring your favorite tools and work with cool new technology.

You get to do a lot of testing and experiments.

“I’m deeply involved in digital identities. We use blockchain to give the user full control over their own data.”

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Drive the change as IT Lead

Strong teams with an appetite for ground-breaking tech can make a world of difference. Do you want to take the lead in IT? Help us build better teams and brighter ideas.
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Former IT Lead, now Product Manager

Frequently asked questions

  • We believe work doesn’t necessarily have to be done within specific hours or in a specific space. That’s why hybrid working is the norm at Rabobank. You decide for yourself when, where, and how you want to work with your team. 

  • The recruiter and the manager read your CV and covering letter. The manager decides whether to invite you for a first interview. You receive an invitation for an interview from our HR support colleagues. After this interview, the recruiter and manager discuss if they want to invite you for a second interview. You could be asked to take an assessment. If all goes well, the recruiter will make you an offer. Once you have accepted the offer, we will start the screening process and kick off the administrative process to get you started at Rabobank.

  • Most of our IT teams have five to nine team members.

  • Rabobank awards a development budget of €1,400 per year to all internal employees. You can spend it over a period of three years.

  • The EBB amounts to between 9% and 11% of your monthly salary depending on your job scale. You’re free to use this budget as you choose to buy extra hours of leave, save for your pension or have it paid out to you each month.

  • The pension scheme is a Collective Defined Contribution scheme. The maximum payable by the employee is 3.5% of pensionable salary.