Product Manager Tertia bij FEC Tech: An open-minded perspective often leads to surprising questions that experts might overlook.”

Product Manager FEC Tech Tertia
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Think different, do different

Step into the world of Tertia. As a Product Manager in the FEC Tech division, she is a visionary force within the External Fraud Detection department. Her Fraud Expertise team grapples with the question: What needs to happen today to safeguard tomorrow’s customer against tomorrow’s fraudster?

Tech, Data, and People

Six years ago, Tertia became part of Rabobank. In all her roles, she operated at the intersection of technology, data, and human expertise. In 2022, she founded a new team and spent three months as a Product Manager for the team working on an advanced detection model. “It was a great opportunity for me to guide an additional team and contribute to the organization,” she reflects. Additionally, Tertia led the Product Owner Community, comprising of 600 Product Owners worldwide. She describes Rabobank as a promising environment: “There isn’t just one path to follow. Consider what you want and pursue it. There’s tremendous potential.”

"My team and I make sure that the fight against fraud is ready for the future." 

Tertia’s team operates within Rabobank’s FEC (Financial Economic Crime) Tech domain, focusing on safeguarding both customers and the bank itself against criminals attempting to siphon money through various means. For instance, they tackle Bank Helpdesk fraud. To shield customers from such fraudsters, the department employs sophisticated detection systems. They analyze additional data streams both within and outside the bank to continually enhance their systems, ensuring resilience against emerging forms of fraud.

A Fresh Perspective

Equipped with the right resources, people, and tools, Tertia ensures her team members can perform their roles optimally. Whenever possible, she simplifies workflows. “Simplification is a central theme within the bank and my role.” Despite the complexity of their work, Tertia always strives to make it as straightforward as possible for both customers and the team. “I eliminate any noise or unnecessary steps in the workflow."

Product Manager FEC Tech Tertia

Human vs. technology

Automation also plays a role in simplification. Tertia isn’t afraid that technology will completely take over all the work. “People will always be necessary for certain complex tasks and for the ethical aspect of decision-making. What’s exciting is that automation handles repetitive tasks, leaving the complex work for humans.”

Additionally, Tertia explains: “this ensures that we have the best people at Rabobank—driven experts capable of solving the most complex problems.” The team’s challenges always require diverse expertise. Tertia emphasizes, “It’s not the work of a single expert; collaboration across multiple disciplines allows us to solve these problems by considering various angles.

Thinking Differently

Tertia’s drive lies in bringing together people with diverse backgrounds, ideas, and opinions. Above all, she encourages different ways of thinking. “Every quarter, we plan and assess the expertise needed for the tasks at hand. Sometimes, we intentionally add someone with a different skill set. An open-minded perspective often leads to surprising questions that experts might overlook.”

Tertia draws inspiration from external sources. “In my team, conversations can go in any direction. A chat that starts with the universe, music, or chess might unexpectedly yield ideas for our work.” Such an open atmosphere thrives in a safe environment.Tertia explains that “psychological safety is crucial, and we measure it quarterly within the bank using the Engagement Scan. I’m proud to say we score high in this area!”

Work on yourself and shape the world around you

Tertia feels at home at Rabobank—a place where she can grow and where diverse individuals come together to contribute to a societal purpose. “I appreciate the speed and dynamism of the business world, but the connection to society is essential for me. The bank’s cooperative mission is evident in our people, projects, and work. It’s clear: in this role, where you protect customers from payment fraud, you’re right in the heart of society.”