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Our 40,000+ employees are the driving force behind Rabobank. At HR, you and 800 other professionals will work on our employees’ well-being, as well as their professional and personal development. And you can do it at the office or from home.

A great place to be

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One of HR’s ambitions is for working at Rabobank to feel like coming home. We want you to be able to focus on work that truly matters, in a setting where you can grow, feel safe, receive support, and feel valued. We want to be a place where you work in a diverse team and where you are in charge of your career growth. We want to be somewhere you want to be and want to stay.

At the same time, we are preparing for the future. How? By helping people acquire the right knowledge and skills. But also by retaining and training our existing staff. Naturally, we are always exploring how we can remain an attractive employer.

And who knows, you could soon be helping us brainstorm about suitable terms of employment, or be finding that new colleague in this tight job market. Maybe you’ll help us devise new concepts for hybrid working. One thing is sure: as a member of our HR team, you will really be making a difference for our employees, all while receiving plenty of opportunities for your own growth, too.

I'm just a recruiter who happens to be blind

A busy job, three children and blind. Roxana van Mourik, recruiter at Rabobank, is the perfect person to talk about diversity and inclusion at Rabobank. "We need role models in visible positions."

Recruiter at work