Your Development at Rabobank

Your personal and professional development are really important to us. We give you plenty of opportunities to keep on learning and to develop your skills, providing tools so you can build your own future and contribute to the world around you. And of course, stay motivated and enjoy what you do.

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Time and space to develop

We offer a working environment which gives you time and space for development and encourages you to be curious. You’re in the driving seat of your development. You decide when, what, and how you want to grow. If you’re not sure which way to go, there are specialists on hand to help you.

Professional and personal development

Here are some of the options for professional and personal development at Rabobank:

Training to help you do your job better
Every year you and your manager decide on your objectives and how you’ll achieve them. Do you want to develop specific skills in your current job or to further your career? Don’t hesitate to ask. We also offer training courses which are relevant for all Rabobank employees, for instance, courses to improve your English or your Dutch, and training in lean and agile ways of working.
We attach great importance to wellbeing and want to help everyone working at Rabobank to look after their health, be it physical, mental, or financial. If things are not going as well as you’d like, you can get support from our Wellbeing Hub. This is an accessible physical space where every bank employee can drop in to talk about their concerns. The Wellbeing Hub also offers coaching and team workshops.
Development budget
Every year you can tap into a development budget of EUR 1,400. You can use your budget to fund courses, training, or workshops you’d like to take, for either personal or professional development.
Continuous online learning anywhere any time
As a Rabobank employee you have access to an online learning platform with 3,000 courses audio- and e-books on topics from personal development and personal leadership to IT. You can also get practical tips that help you in the work you do every day.

Want to learn more about the skills we prioritize at Rabobank?

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Promotion’s not the only way up

Developing your skills can help you get a promotion or carve out a new career path in a different way. There are many other possibilities:

  • Make a horizontal switch to a different area of expertise. If you switch to a job in the same salary scale, you’ll even get a reward of EUR 1,000!
  • Gain experience on a temporary project
  • Work in a different country for a while
  • Contribute to a social project