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Rabobank is a cooperative bank built on trust. Millions of customers, inside and outside the Netherlands, rely on us. To ensure the financial well-being of our customers, Rabobank’s Risk department strives to guard the financial stability of our organization.

Shaping the foundation for a rock-solid bank together

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We ensure that Rabobank remains a rock-solid bank, both now and in the future. This requires us to be forward-looking. Risk goes beyond recognizing risks. Using data, we proactively anticipate developments and prepare for the unexpected. This enables us to set an example, including in the field of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

As a Risk professional, your foresight and ability to understand the heart of the matter are your most important skills. As a strategic partner, you assess the impact of market developments, anticipate the consequences of climate change or respond to the risks of digitalization to enable conscious decision making within the risk appetite. You oversee the whole picture and convert thinking into action.

Along with your team, you form an essential part of safeguarding Rabobank’s solid reputation and ensuring it remains a bank on which customers worldwide can continue to rely.

Areas of expertise within Risk

Financial Risk

Credit, markets, liquidity, and interest rates are key to our financial activities. You ensure growth and stability within the bank by analyzing and assessing financial risks and market developments.

Non-Financial Risk

This is where systems and policy intersect with human action. Together with Compliance, you will contribute to a solid but flexible process by identifying, monitoring, and assessing issues such as fraud, legal risks, and operational errors.

Emerging Risk

You act on major changes in the world, whether it is protecting our systems and data from digital threats IT Risk or responding to the effects of climate change on our organization ESG Risk.

Stories from the field

Our employees tell us what it's really like to work at Rabobank.

Marieke - Head of ESG Risk

Marieke Bonekamp

Alette - Head of Credit Risk Monitoring and Reporting

Alette Tammenga

Meet our recruiters

Joris Opdam

Corporate Recruiter Joris Opdam