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How can people get a grip on their spending even when prices are spiraling? How do you bring entrepreneurs together to share experiences? And how do you encourage international parties to make global food production more sustainable? It’s your job to translate Rabobank’s goals into successful campaigns, events, tools and platforms. You won’t be alone: you’ll be part of an ambitious team and will work with many other parties.

Help us promote our brand and our products

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Communications and marketing are closely related. At Rabobank, Communications is all about reinforcing our brand and reputation. You establish and maintain contacts with media, politicians and suppliers. Or you work with others to build important cooperative projects such as RaboClubSupport or the Rabo Sustainable Innovation award. You know how to promote these initiatives to a wide public and how to keep employees informed of everything going on at Rabobank.

Marketing is all about increasing people’s awareness of our products and services. If we don’t have good products, what have we got to offer? You work on developing campaigns to promote financial health to our clients or to you help raise awareness of our sustainable housing solutions.

So, get ready for a diverse and dynamic job. And make your contribution to a sustainable society.

Marketing & Communications

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We help social entrepreneurs grow every day

You need a personal ‘drive’ to work at Rabo Foundation, explain Nynke Struik and Nanouk Grootendorst. Both women do everything in their power to sustainably strengthen social enterprises in the Netherlands. Why? “The profit these entrepreneurs earn can’t be expressed in euros alone. It’s much bigger than that.”

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