7 Marketing & Communications jobs for growing a better world together

Marketing & Communications

Translating ambition to value proposition

How can you get young people to start thinking about financial planning? How do you bring entrepreneurs together to share experiences? And how do you encourage international parties to make global food production more sustainable? It’s your job to translate Rabobank’s goals into successful campaigns, events, tools and platforms. You won’t be alone: you’ll be part of a passionate, creative and multidisciplinary team. Develop propositions independently or in co-creation with advertising agencies, copywriters, photographers and designers.

Innovation is vital in this professional field. That’s logical. Is Instagram the right channel for your next campaign, or perhaps a Facebook documentary? Now’s your chance to start looking for the hidden gems in our customer base. And remember, digital isn’t the answer to everything: at Lowlands we introduced festival-goers to our culinary future with Brasserie 2050, a concept we cooked up ourselves and developed with architects, builders and food-influencers. So, get ready for a diverse and dynamic job. With agile working and scrums you focus on a specific target group like home owners or entrepreneurs.

  • Work in multidisciplinary teams
  • Enter partnerships with external parties
  • Benefit from Rabobank’s expertise and facilities
  • Translate communication goals into fantastic propositions
  • Develop your creativity and project management