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Data Privacy, Record Keeping, Conflict of Interests, Corruption and Fraud. Just some of the themes on which Legal & Compliance contributes legal expertise. You’re not afraid to put your knowledge to work on these issues.

You’re keen to help Rabobank achieve its ambitions and to contain and mitigate our risks. Starting with the legal design of services, such as savings accounts and mortgages. Another part of the job is acting as an adviser on major deals with large corporations, on innovations for our retail business, and on acquisitions. While you’re seeing to that, we’ll provide you every opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills every single day.

Achieving Ambitions and Managing Risks

Woman working in the office

Do you apply your current knowledge in practice? The financial sector constantly has to deal with new regulation and legislation, especially from Brussels. Come and help Legal & Compliance to understand and interpret the changing rules of the game so that we continue to work with awareness, integrity, and security in everything we do. Or help us defend our customers’ interests by contributing your knowledge to projects that develop software to protect vulnerable elderly people from financial abuse.

You’ll find plenty of challenges at Compliance thanks to the variety of themes in the field, the very different domains within the bank, and opportunities to help improve our organization. The way we work is rooted in cooperation: as one passionate team within Rabobank.

Legal & Compliance

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