Legal & Compliance

With 150 lawyers in the Netherlands and over 100 in the rest of the world, Rabobank is comparable to a medium-sized legal firm. We deal with all facets of the law. You don’t bill by the hour here, but you do have a strategic role. The purpose: to achieve Rabobank’s ambitions and to contain and mitigate our risks. Starting with the legal design of services such as savings accounts and mortgages. Another part of the job is acting as an adviser on major deals with large corporations, on innovations for our retail business, and on acquisitions. While you’re seeing to that, we’ll provide you every opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills every single day.

  • Join an international and varied team
  • Be a pioneer at the forefront of the legal profession
  • Deal with Dutch, European and international law
  • Work on fascinating cases inside and outside the bank
  • Switch between teams and go on postings abroad

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