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Thanks to big data and robotization, the financial world is undergoing a true revolution. Rabobank is the place to experience that transition. On the one hand, innovative technology, robots, and AI are helping us make better decisions faster. On the other hand, we can tell that the human factor is more important than ever. It protects values and inspires trust and allows room for nuance and intuition.

The worlds of technology and ethics come together

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Two worlds come together in Finance to maximize Rabobank’s financial wellbeing and therefore that of our customers. We monitor Rabobank's financial stability by combining internal and external developments as well as laws and regulations with millions of datasets: you won't get a better view of the economy anywhere.

Through financial transactions and analysis, you will optimize Rabobank's balance sheet. You will maintain relationships with external stakeholders and challenge the business. You will ensure that decision-making is based on high-quality data, sound analysis, and deep business insight.

We share the knowledge we acquire, both internally and externally. Your task is to work with over a thousand colleagues to ensure that Rabobank remains – both now and in the future – a rock-solid bank that has a positive impact on society.

Meet our recruiters

Alicia van Waveren

Corporate Recruiter Alicia van Waveren

Monique Visser

Recruiter Monique Visser