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Corporate banking

Large global corporations need special attention and an exclusive customized approach.

A random sample of the projects you can work on at Rabobank: set up a financing conglomerate to create a wind farm; support large commodity traders in the shift to sustainable raw materials, or finance special ships to help a dredging company with an amazing project in Africa. Large global corporations need special attention and an exclusive customized approach. It’s challenging but you’re never alone. You work in rotating teams with international colleagues. Building in-depth experience in specific sectors makes it easier for you to find and connect new prospects.

At Wholesale Banking we service businesses, commodity traders, private equity firms and financial institutions. You push yourself to the limit for these clients. A healthy risk appetite is a plus. You respond to the client creatively and provide customized solutions to innovate through the chain. Take the coffee market: working with farmers, traders, producers and supermarkets makes the chain smarter, stronger and more sustainable. Everyone benefits. Growing a better world together – for the client, the bank, the world and yourself.

  • Work for attractive corporate and wholesale accounts
  • In the Netherlands and worldwide
  • Provide practical added value and help make the world more sustainable
  • Build your own portfolio
  • Develop your skills using your personal training budget
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