Translating complex problems into understandable answers

Edgar de Reus - Solution Architect
Edgar de Reus - Solution Architect
Edgar de Reus
Solution Architect
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'In the years I was away, I missed Rabobank. The people and their commitment, the work atmosphere and the facilities they offer to their employees Edgar de Reus left Rabobank in late 2014 to pursue a role as a consultant. Seven years later, he returned again.

"A Solution Architect advises on and translates strategic visions into concrete solutions and applications. We work closely with both Rabobank's business units and IT departments. When developing applications, we test them against the frameworks established from Rabobank. I work as a spider in the web between business and IT to retrieve all information and knowledge. For example, I can give good advice on whether we reuse an existing application, we purchase a standard application or whether we build our own. As a Solution Architect, I have many conversations with my colleagues to gain all that knowledge."

"That suits me well. I find it interesting to be involved in so many different areas within Rabobank. One time I work on unlocking dashboards that involve a lot of security. The other time I work on an application that provides insight into what special agreements were made with customers during Covid-19."


Curiosity & trust

"I am curious by nature and that curiosity is fueled by the projects I work on. You must be a good listener, dare to ask questions, explore, and you need an ability to abstract for this role. I am partly responsible for ensuring that our customers have confidence in Rabobank. They must be assured that the information they share will be handled with integrity and adequacy."

"My curiosity is fueled by the projects I work on." 
Edgar de Reus - Solution Architect

"In addition to a curious disposition, it helps to have a feel for complex problem solving. How can you translate complex problems into understandable answers? Where you know how to sell that solution to both the developer and the internal customer. So your consulting and storytelling skills are just as important."

Social impact

"An interesting project I am currently working on is developing the architectural framework of a dashboard for Rabo Foundation. This is the group within Rabobank that finances projects in developing countries. We help coffee farmers set up plantations through which they fairly trade their coffee beans. We use all our knowledge to help them. I like that involvement. I then immediately see the social impact of my job."



"That commitment can be seen everywhere. Our headquarters is like a village. Everyone knows each other or is given the opportunity to get to know each other. This starts with the onboarding process. You get to know each other quickly. In the introductory meetings, colleagues talk about who they are, where they live, whether they have children and what their hobbies are. Everyone shows some photos from their private lives. The CFO comes by to get acquainted and have a very personal chat. In doing so, he reveals who he is at his core. For me, that personal commitment equals the corporate culture at Rabobank."


"I am given a lot of space to fill the role myself and am given all the support I need in doing so. For example, Rabobank facilitates their people with a separate workplace at home. And if for a moment I don't know how things are going in the office, I step up to the leadership team for advice."

"We are in the midst of important transitions to give our work a big boost. We are moving from Microsoft on-premises, Microsoft SQL Server and Analysis Services, to the cloud solution Microsoft Azure. This is an exciting, but above all a very beautiful step we are taking. Rabobank is also focusing on the transition to a uniform way of working, Simplify@Scale, where we are working in two-week sprints. It allows us to throw ourselves into projects with more focus, work more efficiently and keep a much better grip on what we deliver. Those short cycles make it easier to adjust. Those are two changes I'm looking forward to, because it's another way for Rabobank to facilitate its employees."

"The role of Solution Architect at Rabobank offers challenges for anyone with a computer science or business background. You will have the opportunity to continuously develop in a complex environment with lots of dynamics. You will gain knowledge of many business processes within the bank and advise colleagues with your technical vision in the development of new products and services."