Alles in huis - a podcast by Janine Vos

About successfully deviating from the norm

“Do I actually owe my success to myself?” Janine wondered when she became Top Woman of the Year in 2021. “Or have other factors and people played a decisive role in this?” With that question in mind, Janine has a talk show, several podcasts and made a video series about the key to success.

In these series she talked to successful talents about opportunities and opportunities (in)equality. About who determines what the norm is, whether that is actually normal and what it is like to deviate from the norm. Relevant questions, not only to ask successful people outside the bank, but also to your own colleagues. Janine is now doing this in her new podcast series ‘Alles in Huis’. This series focuses on our own colleagues who deviate from the norm and therefore have everything they need to be successful in their work.

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