Business Manager, COO

Job Overview & Purpose:
The Business Manager plays an integral role in building, communicating and defining the roadmap for the COO Domain while facilitating consistency of services and performance across the division. The role’s purpose is to create a communications and marketing culture that clearly disseminates key messages in relation to the progress and execution of the COO Domain strategy to both local and global internal stakeholders. The Business Manager supports the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and key direct reports to set the strategy and culture ensuring that the COO Domain efforts contribute to RANZG’s core strategic objectives and global priorities, and is a member of the COO management team.

The Business Manager is responsible for the COO Domain’s Strategic Research, Business Planning, Budgeting, Communications, Management Team & leadership culture as well as co-ordinating FTE / skills for any specific projects / initiatives that may be commenced from time to time which require the support of the other COO Domain departments.

Specific tasks include assisting the COO to lead the function by facilitating execution of strategy, business management, staff engagement, culture and communications. Provide analysis on the performance of the COO Domain relative to the wider market and peer group through insights and analysis of both internal and external information. The Business Manager will be required to assist the COO to clearly communicate / document progress being made within BAU, to local and global stakeholders and how the COO domain’s efforts link back to supporting the objectives of RANZG and the WRR COO Domain
The role ensures that the COO Domains efforts contribute in supporting RANZG’s core strategic priorities:

• Understand our clients and the value chain to add maximum value
• Leverage our knowledge and network to drive our impact
• Grow our business
• Be in control and commercial
• Empower our employees who live the standards
• Execute fast and efficiently


Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities:
• Building roadmaps and designing broad strategic plans (business, technology and people) for the COO Domain
• Aligning the COO Domain Strategy with all RANZG departments and the Global COO Domain
• Supporting the development, communication and execution of strategic frameworks and initiatives across the Domain
• Involvement in the execution and implementation of strategy across the COO Domain
• Developing key material and reports to communicate strategic development and performance, as well as recommendations to senior leadership.
• Assisting in identifying opportunities for cost optimization and advising on realisation plans
• Facilitate creation of divisional business plans
• Working Closely with the local and Global Fintech/Innovation teams with a strong emphasis of understanding key stakeholder requirements by undertaking detailed customer / stakeholder discovery to support the development and refinement of any COO Strategy or Roadmap.
• Working closely with the Head of Digital Strategy to ensure close alignment with the goal of supporting the overall RANZG aspirations in Digital and Innovation.

Business Management
• Monitor execution progress of COO Business plan and assist department heads with acceleration proposals where required
• Create and implement strategies to maintain and improve staff engagement across the COO Domain
• Be point of contact to Global COO Business Management team and collate/provide relevant reports materials as required.
• Develop relevant KPI and KRI reporting in partnership with the COO and Department Heads; Producing reports, presentations, management intelligence, strategy updates; 
• Create and implement COO Service Management approach
• Design and facilitate departmental workshops
• Drive COO FOCUS plan creation and execution
• COO Management Team Scrum Master
• Address enquiries from internal and external stakeholders and ensure that any issues are escalated as appropriate;
• Prepare global, regional and local reports that provide value-add to management and clearly articulate relevant issues.
• Develop and track the COO Domain Performance Dashboard and Key Statistics
• Coordinate Town Halls, offsites etc for the COO Domain including their key messages to ensure that communications are effective
• Prepare and deliver any relevant Board Reports or other reporting to various local and global stakeholders related to the work performed by this team
• Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders and manage competing demands.

• Design, implement and monitor the effectiveness of a broad range of internal communication programs.
• Coordinate, develop and write internal publications, information materials, visual displays, presentations and internet content in line with the divisional and organizational communication objectives.
• Implement and review internal communication strategies to improve internal communication channels for staff and management
• Improve and enhance the delivery of communications to the change strategy.
• Build and maintain relationships with external agencies to promote open communication and innovative communication engagement initiatives.  
• Developing and establishing excellent Communication strategies to improve the awareness and understanding of the role that the COO Domain plays in supporting RANZG and Global objectives
• Establishing communication and awareness channels for inspiring and engaging COO Domain staff in the divisions vision and strategic goals

Innovation & Research;
• Providing key insight into the industry trends and ongoing research into emerging technologies to assist the COO Domain in delivering these goals
• Support the Fintech / Agtech ambitions within the COO Domain
• Undertaking research and providing recommendations around COO future way of working
• Providing key insight into the industry trends and ongoing research into emerging technologies, customer experience to assist the Enterprise Architecture team in delivering these goals

• Bachelor’s Degree or tertiary education equivalent in Business Management, Communications, Marketing or related field of study
• Lean Six Sigma/Agile qualifications (desirable)

• 3+ years’ experience in banking and finance

• Knowledge of project management, process improvement and strategy development
• Professional knowledge at an expert level of communications and strategy disciplines
• Strong understanding of marketing principles
• Understanding of technology and developing trends to deliver principled decisions on new technology solutions
• Good understanding of the Banking/Finance sector, Change Management, Communications, Project Management, Continuous Improvement Methodologies (e.g. Lean six sigma), and Agile Mindset

• Ability to plan, develop and execute strategies
• Ability to engage stakeholders and translate business requirements to future solutions
• Long term focus

• Customer Focus: Engaging the customer in dialogue, detecting and listing customers’ wishes and needs. Responding and anticipating this, putting the customer first. Thinking and acting from the customer’s perspective. Staying focused on creating added value for the customer (customer value) and improving the service provision.
• Partnership: Contributing to a joint result based on the philosophy of reciprocal value creation. Seeking collaboration and supporting others. Showing commitment to the joint objective and acting accordingly. Sharing information and knowledge with others. Achieving and connecting synergies.
• Deliver Results: Working actively and in a disciplined way towards achieving the agreed results and set goals. Working according to the principles of ‘right first time’ and ‘good is good enough’. Seeking challenges and identifying and creating opportunities to improve results.
• Influencing: Winning other people’s support by using convincing arguments and the correct tone and timing. Inspiring and enthusing others with presentation, personal conviction and image. Starting a movement, mobilising people and getting commitment through persuasion and inspiration.
Demonstrates and champions leadership, open mindness, commitment and flexibility to find better ways of working, through strategy, structure and approach – especially in 2020 program
• Initiative: Challenging self and others to pursue initiatives and take responsible risks with the objective of improving results. Making decisions and initiating actions based on well-considered risk analysis. Daring to speak up and make choices. Taking responsibility for own decisions and choices.

Business Manager, COO

Type contract Fulltime
Land Australië
Locatie Sydney
Referentienummer JR_00011617
Publicatiedatum 11 september 2019
Reageren tot 10 oktober 2019


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