Process management

Do you enjoy optimising processes throughout the chain?

And, do you want to learn all about process management and take your career to the next level? Become part of our team and undergo an exciting Program!

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About the program

Our goal is to support you in developing the necessary expertise and honing your soft skills. The Process Management Academy team is ready to embark on an unforgettable journey with you over the next 1.5 years.

We organize the program, facilitate the Academy Days, and guide you. We aim to create a program that enables you to rapidly grow as a process manager and individual within our bank.

The best way to grow as a process manager is by experiencing the work itself. During this program, you will perform assignments in different domains within Rabobank during three rotations. This will allow you to quickly gain valuable experience. Being mindful, reflecting on these experiences, and learning from each situation, will enable you to take significant steps in your development as a process manager.

What are you going to do?

  • You start in a program where you are developed from junior to medior process manager in 18 months.
  • You complete 3 different assignments within different domains. Each assignment lasts 6 months.
  • You meet with your team members 1 day a week. During these days you will work on your personal development, process management skills and knowledge of Rabobank. You spend the remaining 4 days on the assignment for which you are assigned.
  • You participate in a Young Talent program, with the focus on self-development and the Raboskills.
  • You optimally facilitate operational teams, so that they can carry out their processes clearly and error-free.
  • You work closely with fellow Process Managers, the Operational teams, the tribes and other stakeholders.
  • You ask the right questions to uncover the necessary information.

What are we looking for?

For the Process Management Program, we are looking for an enthusiastic colleague who has good communication skills, an analytical mind and a proactive attitude. As a self-starting individual, you are able to take initiative and are driven to continuously improve. You have a strong affinity for improving and optimising processes. Every day you strive to become a better version of yourself.


  • At least a completed HBO Bachelor’s degree
  • Available full-time during the 18-month program
  • Holidays are in consultation with the Manager of the Process Management Academy. We aim for as many simultaneous holidays as possible.
  • You are willing to invest heavily in your own development and have a demonstrable affinity with Process Management, Continuous improvement and Lean in your current position
  • Experience of working in a changing operational environment
  • Dare to make mistakes, you will learn from them!


The first interview will take place at the office, with Sebastiaan Vergouwen (manager) and a Young Professional or Recruiter. Prior to the 1st interview, applicants will receive an assessment. The second interview will take place via MS Teams, where the applicant will receive a case. The second interview will take place with Sebastiaan Vergouwen and a Young Professional.

The registration for the program of October 2024 is not open yet. If you have already questions regarding the program or you would like to have some more information, please contact us via or visit the FAQ-page.