VIDEO: Become a better developer with a hacker's mindset

Hackers look at an application in a very different way than developers do. Where you as a developer see high-end tech stack, they see opportunities to undermine your great piece of work. That is why it’s good to move into the hacker’s mindset and see an application in the way they do. By doing this you will challenge yourself and deliver more secure tech stack. In the talk at TEQnation below I am diving into the world of ethical hacking and red teaming and take you through the context and background I wish I had when I was a developer myself.

About the author

Sebastien Hoekstra
Toolmanager First Line Risk - Red Teaming

Sebastien gets excited about everything related to Cyber Security. That is why he recently joined Rabobank’s Red Team after 9 years of experience in a DevOps and performance engineering role within Rabobank's Payments domain.

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