VIDEO: Controlling your race with Micrometer, Spring Boot (2.x) and Cloud Foundry

  • Ko Turk
  • 09-09-2021
  • 59 min.

Imagine that you’re part of a (car) race team. You’re the one behind the screens to control the race and make some tough decisions (like changing the teams strategy). But you don’t have the insights (or metrics) about your car, opponents or even the weather. Sounds painful right? But why are we making this mistake when building our software? Why don’t we implement metrics by default?

Slf4J logging is one side of the story, but we also need to know our application health. That’s where Micrometer comes in! It’s a library which you can use to define your own custom metrics, like;

  • timers (to check the performance of your microservices)
  • counters (to check how many time a certain event is occurring)
  • gauges (to check the current value of a variable)
  • and many more

These metrics are exposed by REST endpoints (JSON) together with Spring Boot actuator, which can be saved into a database like Prometheus or Graphite. And to visualize the data you can use a tool like Graphana. Pretty interesting right?

In the webinar below I will show you how to create such applications using Micrometer, Spring Boot and Cloud Foundry as our platform.

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Ko Turk
Senior JAVA Developer

Ko is working as a Senior Java Developer for Blue4IT and currently on an assignment at Rabobank. Besides working on creating bad ass software, he loves to speak at conferences and to share his knowlegde about JAVA with the world.