VIDEO: TechTalk about how diverse teams boost innovation

In a series of TechTalks, Bart Leurs (Chief Innovation and Technology Officer) puts colleagues in the spotlight. How does Rabobank make an impact with tech and data for people and society? Talents talk about their tech, data or innovation expertise.

This edition with feature an interview with Eleftheria Karyoti (Innovation coach) and Bram Baarslag (Open Innovation Analyst). They discuss various aspects to boost innovation at Rabobank.

About the author

Bram Baarslag
Open Innovation Analyst

In innovation, Bram gets inspired by founders or companies that have found incredible ways to make a positive impact on society with their sustainable business. He finds it really exciting to see how new revenue models can be explored. As an author he loves to draw, to make abstract ideas come to life. Most important of all for him is to have fun in what he does.

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