VIDEO TechTalk Connect, support, network power of communities & using latest tech stack in insurance app

In a series of TechTalks, Bart Leurs (Chief Innovation and Technology Officer) puts colleagues in the spotlight. How does Rabobank make an impact with tech and data for people and society? Talents talk about their tech, data, or innovation expertise.

In this edition, Anne Colder and Roopesh Segu talk about the connect, support, and network power of communities and moving to the cloud with the biggest business insurance proposition that Rabobank has online.

About the authors

Anne Colder
Test Automation Engineer

Anne is a Test Automation Engineer for the tribe Wholesale & Rural Client Banker & Data Services. For the last three years she has worked on the Authorization Management Service together with her team, to create a generic back-end solution that provides a consistent way to provide data access. She is actively involved in many different communities, like the Quality Community and an advocate for the Rabobank Engineering Culture and Women in Tech.

Roopesh Segu
Fullstack Developer

He is working as a developer in Insurance-Pension Tribe for the product Zeza insurances which is the biggest business proposition at Rabobank. Sustainable development is one of his recent adoptions on his way of working that he picked up in his recent ambitions as every small step leads to a bigger impact to the environment. His interest is like a triangle – development, domain and the team which gives him energy to work daily.