VIDEO: TechTalk about sustainability and analyzing production data

In a series of TechTalks, Bart Leurs (Chief Innovation and Technology Officer) puts colleagues in the spotlight. How does Rabobank make an impact with tech and data for people and society? Talents talk about their tech, data, or innovation expertise.

In this edition, Niharika Srivastava and Alexander Bij talk about the tech challenge of sustainability and working with production data in an isolated secure environment.

About the author

Alexander Bij
Solution Architect and Data Engineer

Alexander is a Solution Architect and Data Engineer at Rabobank in the Analytics Platform Area. He is working at the One!Lab project to provide a global, modern, and very secure lab environment for many projects within the bank. He has expertise in data platforms and (mainly) Azure cloud technology. He uses these skills to help customers become more data-driven. He likes open-source technologies and new data tools that add value to the data engineering role. His current ambition is to have a suitable lab platform for the bank, which enables many worldwide projects that help the bank but also contribute towards a better sustainable world.