VIDEO: TechTalk about satellite-based services and the future of digital banking

In a series of TechTalks, Bart Leurs (Chief Innovation and Technology Officer) puts colleagues in the spotlight. How does Rabobank make an impact with tech and data for people and society? Talents talk about their tech, data or innovation expertise.

Watch the video and get a small glimpse into the ‘tech kitchen’ of Rabobank where Mila Luleva (Business Development Lead Acorn) and Frodo de Poortere (Product Manager Digital Platform Consumers) talk about satellite-based services and shaping the future of digital banking together with customers.​​​​​​​

About the author

Mila Luleva
Head of remote sensing

Mila is an expert in geo-information and remote sensing for environmental modelling and management. In Rabobank she leads a remote sensing team within the Wholesale and Rural Innovation department. They develop different products and services that contribute to various propositions- serving smallholder farmers, meeting sustainability goals, and mitigating risks- all using satellite and geo-data. Finding innovative ways to use technology and geo-data to reduce costs, increase impact, help people and protect natural resources all at the same time- it just ticks all the boxes.

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