PODCAST: Blockchain

I have been interviewed by Art Rooijakkers for the program BNR's Big Five to discuss blockchain in the financial industry. During this interview I have illustrated a lot of examples in order to give you a better view on blockchain in the financial industry.

What can you expect?

In the interview we have spoken about three blockchain flows;
1) market wise (crypto/decentralized finance)
2) corporate wise (consortium blockchains, centralized finance)
3) government/authority wise (digital Euro/e-yuan)

Check out the podcast*

* Please note this podcast is in Dutch.

About the author

Chris Huls
Lead Tech Lab

Chris believes that innovation is a requisite for every organization to stay relevant for its customers. Thoroughly analysing emerging technology innovations, ensuring that they get well incorporated in the company and finally enabling revolutionary new customer products and services is the thing that makes him, as a Lead of Raboobank Tech Lab, fly.

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