Start your adventure in engineering!

Just finished your studies, want to work as an engineer and contribute to a better world? Then the Young Professional Program of Rabobank is exactly what you are looking for.

The Young Professional Program Engineering is the kickstart to your career in the tech industry.

Developing your talents

In the program, you follow one day of technical training each week, where the focus is on developing your technical skills. You develop talents you did not know you had, you take control of what you want to know more about, and you become the expert in your field.

Everything you learn in the training courses can immediately be put into practice. The other 4 days you will work in an entry-level position, for example as a software engineer, DevOps Cloud engineer or .NET engineer. Under the guidance of senior engineers, you will become a specialist in your field in no time.

Working hard and celebrate success

In the program, you will work together with a team of Young Professionals on a case and 2 business challenges on themes such as sustainable agriculture or the cooperative energy transition. So, you will be expanding your network. Because in addition to working hard together, there is also room for fun and to celebrate success . There are drinks, knowledge sessions and networking activities, where you can easily make new contacts, celebrate success and get to know each other well.

Does this sound like you?

Are you finishing your bachelor’s or master’s degree at a university in Europe this year, or have you just graduated? Then the Young Professional Program Engineering, also called the YEPP, is the kick-start of your career in the tech industry.

Apply now and get that flying start!

Interested in how the Young Professional Program Engineering helps Guus Hertogh advance in his career?

Why work in Engineering at Rabobank?

Rabobank is a tech-driven organization with an excellent engineering culture. We are renewing our entire application landscape which means you will be working with the latest tech-stack tech and you will have every opportunity to develop yourself, both on a personal level and your technical skills.

Apply now and go for it!

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