Kring 6: Midden-Nederland

Kring Midden-Nederland includes the following banks: 

  • Utrecht e.o. 
  • Utrechtse waarden e.o. 
  • Amersfoort Eemland 
  • Gelderse Vallei 
  • Gooi en Vechtstreek 
  • Randmeren 
  • Rijn en Heuvelrug


Kring Midden-Nederland has the following offices (as well as some smaller offices): 

  • Utrecht: Maliebaan 15  
  • Barneveld: Torenplein 2  
  • Woerden: Middellandse Zee 15  
  • Utrecht: Beneluxlaan 31-33  
  • Amersfoort: Computerweg 12L  
  • Zeist: Utrechtseweg 25  

Good to know: 

  • When you are expected in the office on your first day at work, will be shared by your future manager (remember your identification!)  
  • At some offices there is catering / restaurant / ‘grab and go’/ order options available.
    In addition, at each location there is room to consume your own brought food. 
  • Do you have any questions in advance? Please don’t hesitate to contact our facilities department via (088) 7267463. 
  • Do you experience any obstacles once starting up your laptop or opening applications?  
    For any IT related questions you can reach out to our IT department: (030) 2166666.