Nice to know for your first day at work

To get you started at Rabobank, we’d like to take you through some ‘handy facts’ for your first day at work.

  • Appointment
    You have received an email from your future manager telling you where and when you are expected in the office your first day of work. On this day we have arranged an appointment with security to create and pick up your smart card and – if applicable – your laptop.

    Good to know:

    – Bring your ID that you used for your screening (passport or ID; no driver’s license).

    – Your manager or buddy will not always be present.

  • Mailbox
    Once you have collected your smart card, you can log on to your laptop and access systems and your mailbox. We’ve already sent you some important emails about tasks you need to complete in Workday, such as providing personal information and uploading your employment contract. Please complete these tasks as soon as possible.


Rabobank Headoffice Utrecht

Rabobank has 4 central locations where you can start as a new employee. In addition, there are 14 circle locations from which the local market is served. Each circle consists of a group of banks, each with its own working location.