Location WintHontlaan

Location UW1 (Winthontlaan 1)

Address: Winthontlaan 1, 3526 KV Utrecht

How to get to the office?

Public transport:
From Utrecht Central station there are several possibilities:
By bus: lines 63/65/66/74/77. If you take line 47, you can get off at bus stop ‘Kanaleneiland South (marked as T in the map above). From here, it takes a 3 minute walk to the main entrance of the building.
By streetcar: take line 60 from Utrecht Central station towards Nieuwegein South or IJsselstein. Get off at stop ‘Kaneleneiland South (market as T in the map above). From here, it takes a 3 minute walk to the main entrance of the building.
For the most current schedule, please visit: www.9292ov.nl.

See attached itinerary
Visitors can park their car in the parking lot (marked P at the map above).

At location UW1, Rabobank leases floors 3 through 13 in the Tower and building section North. Rabobank employees can enter the location with their own Rabobank access badge through the main entrance (H) or through the staff entrance (I) on the right side of the building. Visitors can report to the reception desk via the main entrance.

Getting a Smartcard

Your smart card will be created, exclusively at the scheduled time, by security. You’ll find security on the left behind the reception desk.
PLEASE NOTE: When a smartcard is created, a picture will be taken. This picture is only visible in the security system, but might be a good reason to get that comb through your hair!

Getting a Laptop

Your laptop is waiting for you at the IT Service Desk. To get here, take the stairs up to the first floor and keep right at the top. You walk to the right left and you have reached your destination.


  • Reception
    You can find the reception at the main entrance. There you may report to have a smart card (for for access to the building and use of the laptop)
  • Plan
    The building is seperated in different zones with different functionalities
    – A square: for meeting, conferencing, receiving clients, eating & drinking, working together or apart. The square is at the base ground en partially at the first floor.
    – Connecting floors: primarily focused on collaboration
    – Standard floors: geared towards individual work
    – 4th floor: partially gearded al a connecting floor. The other floors are standard floors and set up as the base of operations for one or more customer groups
  • Work concept
    Every employee has the possibility to choose which zone best suits the activity performing at that moment. The building supports the principles of a flexible, activity-related work concept.
  • Other facilities
    Restaurant, Bakery with coffeepoint; Choose & Pick, Service & Information, meditation/prayer room, flask room, showers, lockers.
    There is plenty parking space for cars, bikes and scooters. There are also enough charging spaces.