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Rabobank Learning

Rabobank offers learning possibilities that are flexible and intuitive to use and focus on:

  • Learning via self-reflection (what do you want to develop, how and in what context)
  • Learning by experience while you are working
  • Learning with your colleagues through mentoring, coaching and feedback
  • Learning in a more formal setting through a training, course, e-learning.

Within Rabobank we believe these learning opportunities increase both your craftsmanship in your current job as well as the Rabobank skills you need today, tomorrow and in the future. You develop and strengthen your professional knowledge, your expertise and your talents, both at Rabobank and beyond. Furthermore we help you in your quest for purpose to connect your talents to our purpose Growing a Better World Together.


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School of Craft

Rabobank attaches great value to having skilled employees so that our customers get the service that they deserve. That requires professional competence / mandatory learnings and professionalism. Both contribute to your further development in your role. (What do we learn?)

Mandatory Learning

The law refers to the ability to demonstrate the knowledge and skills that a professional has as “professional competence”. Professional competence is therefore mostly stipulated by law. As a Rabobank employee you must therefore comply with this by carrying out a number of learning activities, often in the form of e-learning. One example of this is Rabo Right.


For your professional development we also stipulate knowledge and skills that Rabobank has identified for your position in addition to professional competence. Together with your manager, PO, or team you decide what’s necessary.

Fit for today and tomorrow

Rabobank defined 12 Rabobank skills to stay relevant. Within Rabobank and abroad. In the next chapter you will find more information on the 12 Rabo skills.

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