Information from your first working day

To get off to a good start, there are a number of things you need to sort out in your first week, such as managing payment elections and personal information in Workday. This is important not just for you, but also for your colleagues who need to process this data to make sure your onboarding at Rabobank goes swimmingly. So, please help them to help you. After all, “I make you better!”.

Note: A lot of this information will be available on the Intranet. You can only access the Intranet if you are connected to the Rabobank Network. You can access the intranet by using Microsoft Edge by using this link (or to navigate yourself: Service – HR Nederland – HR Netherlands – Onboarding: My first 100 days).

What do you need to know?

Staff entrance

The first time you enter the building you will be using the main entrance, but on the side of the building there is another entrance, which you can use once you have your smartcard made. It’s on the left side of the building. You take the stairs and then see the revolving door which gives you access to the building. You can access the door by using your smartcard. If you travel by public transport, it’s a shorter route than using the main entrance. Use it to your advantage!

A quick start on your laptop

When you receive your laptop, you have to set a few things first so you can make good use of it. A lot of information about setting up your laptop can be found on the IT portal.
The things you have to set to use your laptop are explained below. For additional information, you can consult the IT Portal:

  • Link to the IT Portal for Rabobank Netherlands employees
  • Link to the IT Portal for Wholesale & Rural employees


If you log in to your laptop for the first time, a pop-up will appear. This pop-up gives you guidelines on how to install your laptop. You can use the following instructions:

  • Setting your email;
  • Working outside the office (VPN);
  • Printing and scanning;
  • Adjust second display;
  • Call with Softphone;
  • IT Portal, Online Servicedesk;
  • Change the language of your workplace.

Note: This pop-up will appear automatically. You can also search at ‘start’ for ‘GetStarted’ and manually start it. If the pop-up does not appear, click on the arrow at the right side on the bottom of your screen and click on the white icon, which shows a light.

Microsoft Self-Service Password Reset

Via the Microsoft Cloud application Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) you can restore your password for Outlook, Skype for Business and Mobileportal yourself.
If you haven’t set the password via GetStarted, you can set it manually.

One Digital Workspace (ODW)

You will be working in a digital workspace. That means you can work anywhere with your mobile, laptop or on a desktop. You can find an explanation about ODW on IT Portal (click on the button ‘One Digital Workspace’), as well as more information on relevant topics. You can use the search function on the IT Portal and find answers to frequently asked questions about settings and programs that are part of ODW.
To use ODW you folllow the online tutorial, by clicking on the button ‘Aan de slag met ODW’ on the One Digital Workspace page on the IT Portal. The tutorial will help you with settings and show what Office 365 has to offer. It will help you with:

  • More about Office365
  • OneDrive
  • Teams

Where to find applications

Some applications are installed at your laptop, others you can find at the toepassingen -page at the IT Portal. You can click on the ‘Toepassingen’ button and if you scroll down the page you can find all applications. You can only access the applications you are authorized to use.
If you do not have access to an application you should have access to, please contact your manager. He or she can apply a new request for authorizations at the ‘marketplace’ (also an application you can find at the toepassingen-page). You will be granted access to the specific application once the request has been processed.

Working from home

If you are connected to WiFi, you always have access to your e-mail, Rabohub (Intranet) and teams. If you have to use other applications, you can connect to the Rabobank Network.

  • For Rabobank Netherlands employees: If you want to connect to the Rabobank Network, you can use Check Point Mobile, by clicking on the arrow, at the right side on the bottom of your screen. Right click on the Check Point Mobile icon (a yellow lock). Click ‘Connect’. A pop-up will appear and you can Enter the PIN of your smartcard, you are now logged in.
    Note: Do you not see the Check Point Mobile icon? Then you have to install it first. For an instruction you can click on the ‘Check Point Mobile’ button via the IT Portal for RN.
  • For Wholesale & Rural Employees: If you want to connect to the Rabobank Network, you can connect to VPN (BIG-IP Edge Client). For an instruction you can search for ‘Connect to VPN (BIG-IP Edge Client)’ on the blue search box on the IT Portal for WR.

RaboHub & Yammer

As an employee, you have access to the intranet. RaboHeb is your primary online source of official information and helps to support you in your work. You will find information about our products, services, systems, HR matters, policies, and news & strategy for the organisation and for your specific organisational division. Make sure to make your own selection of relevant news and of the sites you would like to follow. A general piece of advice is to select corporate information (news, columns of General Management, etc.) and news from your own area. With Yammer, you can share knowledge with your colleagues and through the “Wie is Wie” (Who’s Who’), you can easily find the person you’re looking for.

The button ‘Service’ provides relevant information from various ‘disciplines’:

  • HR Portal (information regarding HR products, policies and services for employees/ Nieuw in dienst)
  • IT Portal (information and FAQ’s regarding IT matters)
  • Facility Portal (information regarding the office, registering visitors, booking meeting rooms, etc.)

Action: get set up on the intranet in four steps:

  1. Go to the “Toepassing Intranet – RaboWeb” (Intranet application – RaboWeb) page, click on “Info” and watch the short videos “Soms is het antwoord dichterbij dan je denkt” (Sometimes the answer is closer than you think).
  2. Click “Help” in the top right-hand corner of “Intranet – RaboWeb” and read this information.
  3. Go to the “Toepassing Intranet – Community’s/ Yammer” (Intranet application – Communities/Yammer) page, click “Info” and register with Yammer.
  4. Go to “Mijn profiel op RaboWeb” (My Profile on RaboWeb) and fill in your profile page so that you are visible and easy to find.


Facilities and its services can be found through the Facility Portal; some examples:

  • Register a visitor
    You can do this yourself by clicking the button on the Facility Portal.
  • Book a meeting room
    It is easy to book a meeting room via Outlook. You can find the instruction here.

Tip: a piece of advice is to browse Rabohub at your own convenience. There is a lot of information available apart from the portals already mentioned.

Do you have any questions?

  • HR Portal
    The HR Portal will help you find the answer to all your HR related questions. If the virtual resources can’t provide you with an answer to your question you can contact HR Portal by phone, chat or contact form. For chat you can use the chat button on the HR Portal, or you can call 030-216 44 46 on working days between 08:00 and 17:00 hrs.
  • IT Portal (Cross Channel Service Desk)
    You can search for a solution in the blue search box on the IT Portal. Do you need help finding an answer or solution? Then chat with our virtual colleague Nina. If she can’t figure it out, Nina will immediately transfer you to an available chat agent. The IT Portal is also available by phone on working days between 08:00 and 18:00 hrs. For RN employees the phone number is 030-216 66 66. For WR employees the phone number is +31 30 71 21 11.
    Link to the IT Portal for Rabobank Netherlands employees
    Link to the IT Portal for Wholesale & Rural employees

What do you need to do?

Your actions in Workday

In your first week, you’ll find a few tasks in your Workday-inbox. Please make sure that you perform these actions in the first week, so that your onboarding Process runs optimally.
Note: You can access Workday via the HR Portal, if you scroll down the link is in the blue bar on the page. You can also access Workday via the Toepassingen-page on the IT Portal.

Your contact details

Action: Provide your emergency contact address and check that your residential address and personal email address are correct. You can also provide a postal address. The form can be found under your tasks on the onboarding page in Workday.
Note: If you want to change your name or title in Outlook, Teams and Skype, you can change your preferred name in Workday. Go to Workday – Personal information – Preferred name. It can take some time before you see the changes in Outlook, Teams and Skype (usually it takes 24-48 hrs).


Action: Enter your account number(s) for us to pay your salary into. Check your bank details as soon as possible on your onboarding task in the Workday-inbox so you don’t miss out on your first salary payment.
Did you know that most of your colleagues have their salary paid into a Rabobank account? The best way to ensure a great customer experience is to experience it yourself.
If you don’t have a Rabobank account yet, you can open one in 5 minutes on the Rabo Banking App. When you open a Rabobank account on the Rabo Banking app, you’ll be automatically client with your local bank. If you need help, please visit jour local bank. If you work at the Croeselaan, simply pop into the employee bank at Croeselaan in Utrecht (UCB115) or call +31 (0)30 287 87 87.

Wage Tax

Wage tax is a tax that you have to pay on your salary to the Dutch Tax Authorities. Everyone is entitled to a wage tax credit, which is a reduction on the tax. This means you can pay less tax on your wages. However, you can only claim wage tax credit from one employer. For more information about the wage tax credit scheme, please visit the Tax Authorities (Belastingdienst) website.

Action: If you want to apply for wage tax credit, fill in the form ‘Opgaaf gegevens voor loonheffingen’ and sent this form to HR Services
Note: This form is provided by the tax authorities and is only available in Dutch

Appendix: opgaaf gegevens voor loonheffing (wage tax)

Bankers’ Oath

Rabobank focuses on building trust among its customers. Dutch banks place huge importance on everyone in the Dutch banking sector exercising their role with integrity and care. In order to restore confidence in the financial sector, all banks in the Netherlands have taken the initiative to create the ‘Future-oriented banking’ package. This consists of the Social Charter, the revised Dutch Banking Code and the Rules of Conduct. The Rules of Conduct largely overlap with Rabobank’s own Code of Conduct. As a Rabobank employee, you undertake to abide by the Rules of Conduct by taking the Bankers’ Oath. You must take the Bankers’ Oath within 3 months of starting work.
Action: Get ready to take the Bankers’ Oath. Set a date with your manager to take the Bankers’ Oath. Have a chat with your colleagues and team about the Code of Conduct and any dilemmas you face. To find out more about the Bankers’ Oath, visit the website.
Note: You can access this page if you are connected to the Rabobank network.

Rabobank Right

The do’s and don’ts. Rabobank Right is the worldwide learning program on non-financial risks that will help you develop risk awareness. All Rabobank employees must follow this mandatory modules within three months of joining Rabobank. These modules will help you find the right balance between efficiency, commerce and risks in your daily work. The Rabobank Right program helps to increase confidence in the bank, and creating the trust that is an important part of customer satisfaction.
To find out which courses you need to follow, look in the Required Learning section of Workday Learning. If there are no modules visible, check with your supervisor which modules are applicable for you.
Book your course you need to follow via Browser Learning in Workday (RN employees). If you work with Intuition (WR), and not with Workday Learning, go to the learning environment in Intuition.


CDD means Customer Due Diligence. Essentially, this means it’s important to know your customer. First of all, this is because we want to help them to achieve their ambitions by offering advice and products that meet their needs. But also because we want to protect customers and ourselves against integrity risks, such as money laundering or terrorism financing risks. That’s why CDD is an integral part of our continuous education structure. You will start focusing on this in your second month.


Employees receive an allowance to help cover the costs of commuting. See these forms below to apply for the allowance. If you order an NS season ticket, it may take several weeks before you receive it. Travel costs incurred up to that point can be claimed using Workday.

Specify which type of travel allowance you wish to claim. Give as the reason “New starter”. You can also be reimbursed the costs of public transport.
Note: You can access this page if you are connected to the Rabobank network.

Employee Benefits

Rabobank also offers employee benefits such as collective insurances, collective discount on insurances and employee discount. Read more about it at Compensations and Benefits, employee benefits.
Note: You can access this page if you are connected to the Rabobank network.

Marital status

Action: Check your details under your tasks on the onboarding page in Workday: marital status, partner’s details and preferred name format.


By working for Rabobank, you automatically accrue a pension. The Rabobank Pension Fund administers your pension scheme for us. Go to to find out more. See Pension 1-2-3 for a clear overview of everything you get from the pension scheme.

Building up your own pension
You accrue an old-age pension up to an income of approximately €100,000. You will not build up any pension above that amount, but you will receive a personal budget with choices for your pension.
Every month we will pay a contribution to the Rabobank Pension Fund. We pay most of this amount and you pay a contribution of 5% towards your pension. For more information, see here. The exact amounts can be found on your payslip.

How to view your pension amounts
Each year, you will receive a Uniform Pension Overview, containing personal information about your pension, as well as the amounts that you have built up and what pension amount you can achieve. You will soon be able to see this overview online under ”Mijn pensioen” (My Pension) at You can also carry out calculations for later. Simply log in with your DigiD if you are registered in the Netherlands.

What your partner receives when you die
Now that you work at Rabobank, you are also entitled to a partner’s pension. This means that your partner will receive a pension when you die. If you are married or in a registered partnership, then we will receive your partner’s details automatically from your municipality. You don’t need to take any action. If you are not married or in a registered partnership but you live together with your partner, then please provide your partner’s details to the Rabobank Pension Fund.
Action: Provide your partner’s details to the Rabobank Pension Fund. See “Partnerpensioen” (Partner’s Pension) under “Voorwaarden” (Conditions), where you can register your partner’s details for the partner’s pension.

Transferring your old pension
If you have accrued a pension with another employer, you can transfer this pension to the Rabobank Pension Fund. This is called pension transfer. You will then have your whole pension in one place. There can be drawbacks to a pension transfer as well, especially if the indexation for your old pension fund is higher than for your Rabobank Pension Fund.
Action: Think carefully about whether transferring your pension is best for you.

  • Take a good look at what you are getting from your old and new pension scheme. The pension comparison tool will help you. For more information and to use the pension comparison tool, see “Welke keuzes heeft u zelf?” (What are my choices?) on Pension 1-2-3.
  • The rules governing your pension scheme can be found in the pension regulations in Layer 3 of Pension 1-2-3.
  • If you have any questions, please call or email the Client Contact Centre: +31 (0)30 66 93 777.
  • If you are considering transferring your pension, then ask for a value statement. This will tell you how much your pension would be if you transferred it. You can then decide what to do. Click on ‘Rabobankpensioenfonds – Waardeoverdracht‘ to request a value statement.

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