Master Data Management Developer & Support

Job Overview/Purpose:

The Master Data Management developer and support role is responsible for the production support, maintenance and application development of Master Data Management to Rabobank Australia New Zealand Group (RANZG) business units:

■ Country Banking
■ RaboDirect (IDB)
■ Wholesale Banking
■COO Domain
■ Risk (Credit, Operational, Market, etc.)
■ Finance & Control, and others where relevant

The role holder is to act as the primary contact between Master Data Management and RANZG based Business Units. The core infrastructure involved includes Informatica Data Quality, Data Director and Master Data Management services including staging, mapping, cleansing, validation, matching and distribution of source data from various source systems.

This role requires a mix of people management, hands-on business analysis, strong technical Master Data Management skills as well as a good understanding of relational data structures, SQL proficiency and project management skills. It covers all aspects of the system lifecycle (ie. analysis, development, testing, documentation, support, etc), as well as overseeing the execution of approved projects, ensuring completion of these on time and in accordance with standards and policies.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

■ Provide technical support for Informatica Data Quality, Data Director and Master Data Management services.
■ Work with Master Data Stewards and stakeholders to ensure the process integrity of the Master Data Management solution.
■ Cross train Management Information Systems developers on Master Data Management technical
■ Develop Master Data Management solutions to facilitate system evolution.
■ Design, development and testing of solutions to facilitate new source systems, functional
improvements and distribution of Master Data Management solution.
■ Design, development and testing required for version upgrades and system compatibility.

The following hands-on involvement will also be required:-

 ■ Analysis of enhancements & new requirements.
■ Review development platforms and tools to ensure an evolving solution architecture.
■ Undertake programming of approved amendments / development.
■ Problem solving as required.
 ■ Involvement in Management Information Systems development and support as required.

Core Competencies:

■ Market / Customer focus - Asks open and targeted questions. Translates the customer’s
demand into a solution. Analyses the customer’s needs. Makes proposals for
improvement to the customer. Explains limits to the customer. Takes customer’s signals
seriously. Makes proposals on the basis of trends. Builds up a long-term relationship
with the customer. Offers the best possible service. Increases customer satisfaction. External orientation. Commercial orientation. Negotiating. Corporate social responsibility.
■ Synergise across group - Comes up with ideas. Exchanges knowledge and ideas.Consults others and shares knowledge. Seeks complementary knowledge. Seizes opportunities for long-term collaboration. Promotes teamwork between units. Helps others with capacity-building resources
Propagates the cooperative ideology.
■ Output / Result-driven - Demands clear goals and results. Actively achieves results and
goals. Tackles challenging goals. Does not give up in the face of resistance. Sets challenging goals. Links activities to results. Works on result improvements. Encourages others to take on challenges. Appreciates result-driven actions. Propagates the importance of values Quality-driven. Organising and monitoring. Managing. Delegating.
■ Inspirer/Enthusiast – Impact. Persuasiveness Communication skills. Coaching. Development-oriented.
■ Strategic Vision - Developing a strategy. Setting and translating goals.
■ Challenger/driver/innovative - Uses initiative.
Decisiveness. Innovating. Ability to change.

Jobs Skills and Knowldge:


■ Business Knowledge - Sound awareness of market/industry/functional/technical knowledge
and developments.
■ Interpersonal Skills - Perform as an effective member of functional / project teams. Liaise &
network with all levels of Rabobank staff. Liaise & network with 3rd parties (eg. suppliers) as
necessary. Provide technical guidance/advice/support to colleagues.
■ Customer Focus - Emphasis is on supplying the users’ business system needs. Ability to build and
maintain internal and external client relationships.
■ Technical and Specialist Skills - Able to analyse customer needs and work with colleagues
to produce Master Data Management solutions. Demonstrated competence developing applications which utilise data base connection / data retrieval drivers and tools. Demonstrated competence with Unix based systems, relational data base, SQL commands, etc Familiarity with scheduling tools.
Planning and Organisation - Ability to execute development and support function on multiple
inter-related projects within agreed timelines and scope.
■ Soft Skills Set - Organisational skills, initiative, self-motivation and a strong customer focus are
essential. A strong desire for personal improvement is essential. Reasonable oral & written communication skills are essential.

Development Value:

(Skill and knowledge development within the role. Opportunities for future career development)

Role with significant opportunity to:

■ Develop Master Data Management skill.
■ Develop data warehousing and business intelligence skills.


■ At least 3 year experience in Master Data Management system design, development,
testing and/or project implementation & planning.
■ Relevant formal qualifications.

Master Data Management Developer & Support

Contract type Full time
Expertise IT
Education Bachelor
Experience 3 - 10 years
Location Sydney
Reference number 181110
Publication date 16 May 2019
Apply before 16 June 2019

Application procedure

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