Hybrid working at Rabobank

At Rabobank, you have the freedom to be flexible in deciding when, where and how you work together.

What does hybrid working mean to you?

Like many, we at Rabobank experience that work does not necessarily have to be done in a certain space and within certain hours. That is why we continue to work hybrid at Rabobank. You decide for yourself when, where and how you can work pleasantly and effectively with your colleagues. The wishes of you as an employee, plus the requirements of your work, are central to this.


The basic principles of Rabo@Anywhere

With hybrid working, or Rabo@Anywhere, Rabobank brings together the advantages of working from home and working at the office.

Rabobank operates on a digital-first basis, but our RaboHouses remain the place to work together, be inspired and meet each other. We will continue to focus on our customers and work on our mission and the cooperative, but with more flexibility in where, how and when you work together.

This is how we develop hybrid working together: working so that it works for you, your team(s) and the organization. Let’s go Anywhere together!

1. Digital First

Digital first - Hybrid working bij Rabobank

We work digitally as much as possible. This means that you actually do the work that you can do more productively and efficiently digitally. As an employee, this gives you more autonomy and flexibility in how, when, and where you perform your work. Individually and together. Of course, you can also work virtually in the office. In which we are constantly experimenting with the resources we need and have available.

2. Schedule time to be with your team

Together - Hybrid working at Rabobank

You don’t have set days in the office, but you schedule time to spend with your team. Discuss with your team and manager how often and what you want to meet physically for. Team building, starting a new project and creative brainstorming often go better in a physical meeting. You can also work together to learn from each other as you work. Also consider your team’s strategy and activities and your personal performance and wellbeing.

3. Schedule time to meet others

Meet others - Hybrid working at Rabobank

Much of what we do and how we work as a cooperative is based on chance interactions. A random meeting at the coffee table, finding like-minded people in our communities (e.g. Young Rabo, the Product Owner community) and physically experiencing our mission and values. In the RaboHouses you can come together with others, build your network or participate in communities. You can book a place here with groups as well as individually.

More about Rabo@Anywhere

Rabo@Anywhere brings together the advantages of working from home with those of working in an office. This supports our business strategy:

  • Excellent client focus:We can better serve our clients through a more flexible and digital way of working.
  • Meaningful cooperative:We reduce our carbon footprint and thus contribute to a sustainable society.
  • Rock-solid bank: We are helping to reduce costs, which is necessary to keep the bank future-proof.
  • Empowered employees: With working hybrid, we contribute to being an attractive employer and to the sustainable employability of our employees.

Discover our colleagues' experiences with hybrid working