Your preparation for an online job interview

Useful tips from our recruiters

Now that we are working from home as much as possible, job openings and applications at Rabobank continue as usual.

At Rabobank we offer interesting jobs in various areas of expertise, and we would be happy to speak to you in person when we are interested in your application. Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. Our job interviews take place as video interviews. Video calls require a different approach than face-to-face interviews, especially when it comes to job interviews.

Our recruiters have compiled a number of useful tips to help you get started with your online job interview. We collected the tips during a joint video conversation. This allowed us to immediately put our own tips into practice.

Tip 1: Prepare for a live conversation

Richard Gerestein: “Prepare the conversation as if it were a normal conversation where you are actually seated at the table with us. The only difference between a video call and a normal job interview is that there is a monitor in between. The conversation is still a conversation.”

Tip 2: Have a glass of water ready

Marieke Merkelbach: “Have a glass of water at hand. This is useful if you need to catch your breath or if you need to have a drink. This also applies to other things. Everything you think you need, you should have ready before you start. For example, pen and paper, a list of your questions and the printed job text.”

Tip 3: Log in on time

Marle Verzaal: “Whether the conversation is in real life or online, you make sure you are on time. It is best to log in two to three minutes in advance. This will give you peace of mind and time to check the technology.”

Tip 4: Create a quiet environment

Ingrid Dillen: “Are you expecting a delivery? Try to prevent this by putting a note on the door to see if he can make the delivery at your neighbours. If that really doesn’t work, announce it in advance in the interview. Find a quiet place in the house to have the interview and ask your children or other housemates not to disturb you at this important moment.”

Tip 5: Look straight into the camera

Diana Kreugel: “Make sure you look straight into the camera and don’t let your gaze wander all the time. After all, you want to give your interviewer your full attention. It helps to focus on the light next to the webcam.”

Tip 6: Prepare your own questions

Anne-Mieke Martyn: “Prepare a list of questions in advance. Most interviews will end with you being asked if you have any questions for the team. This shows your interest in the position and for the work you are going to do.”

Tip 7: Nerves keep you focused

Marle Verzaal: “Everyone gets nervous about a job interview. Don’t worry about it too much, because nerves help you stay focused. If it does bother you a lot, don’t hesitate to discuss it during your video interview. This may help to break the tension.”

Curious about jobs at Rabobank? Read all about our areas of expertise and maybe you will soon be able to put these tips into practice!