Working at a data-driven and innovative bank

A rewarding environment for a data specialist to work in

There are several reasons why it’s interesting for a BI Developer to work at Rabobank. Head of Business Intelligence Joost Kimmel explains.

“I think one of the most important reasons is that we have a large team. Many people working on BI have different experiences, backgrounds, and expertise. Within the team, there is always someone who has the right experience to rely on and learn from when needed. We work on a wide variety of projects. One moment you may be dealing with Google Analytics data in the context of digitalization. The next moment you’re working on KYC, Know Your Customer, to prevent fraud and money laundering.”

“We have an enormous amount of data within the bank. We’ve got 9 million customers in the Netherlands alone who interact with the bank every day. These interactions can be digital as well as offline. It’s a fantastic environment for data specialists to work in. As a bank, we want to become more and more data-driven. This cannot be achieved by the BI department alone; the entire bank has to engage. We’re currently working at setting up self-service business intelligence throughout the entire organization.”

“If you want to work in an innovative environment where you can learn a lot from your colleagues and also collaborate well on the best solutions you can find, this is the place to be.”

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