The future of work

Janine Vos, CHRO and Managing Board Member at Rabobank

During the corona crisis, working from home became the new standard. This came with benefits in terms of sustainable mobility, but there were also challenges, for example in terms of wellbeing. Now that more restrictions are eased, it is time to think about the future of work.

Digital First

If you ask Janine Vos (CHRO and Managing Board Member at Rabobank), some of the changes are permanent. “I lie awake sometimes thinking that we may not have learned anything from this period and go back to the old normal. But we don’t have to. We can do better, we can be more sustainable, both the employee and the organization.

Our goal is for employees to make conscious decisions about where they want to work.
Janine Vos, CHRO and Managing Board Member at Rabobank

“Our strategy for the future of work is Digital First. That means, for example, that all meetings that are digital now will remain digital. Even after this crisis. In the future, you will come to the office just to meet each other in person and to do complex work that you are less able to do at home. Our goal is that employees themselves consciously choose where they want to work, depending on what they are going to do on that day.”

A discussion about the future of work

How does Janine Vos see the future of work? And how is Rabobank experimenting with new ways of working? Janine discussed the matter with Hugo Houppermans, Director of the Coalition Anders Reizen, an alliance of more than 70 large organizations that are committed to enabling their employees to travel to and from work in a healthy, safe and sustainable manner. (Video is in Dutch.)