Set the direction of your own career

Pim van Baardewijk, team coach Rabo Customer Service

‘My job as team coach involves helping my co-workers at Rabo Customer service to develop. It’s cool that Rabobank places so much trust in me, since it’s only a short time ago that I was still searching for the perfect job myself.’

In search of a challenge

‘I’ve worked at Rabobank for about six years. My first role was as an adviser at the local bank in Breda. I started on the phones and then moved to the banking floor to get a broader perspective. I soon discovered that it’s fun to make customers happy by giving good service. But I was still unsettled and wanted a more challenging job. I just didn’t know what. I decided it was time to set the direction for my own career.’

Leadership skills

‘When I went to work at Rabo Customer Service (RKS) in Rotterdam I got into a conversation with my manager about my ambitions. I realized right away that what I like most is motivating a team. That’s how I can contribute to developing the business and my colleagues. But you need leadership and management skills for a career like that. Which I didn’t have. My manager agreed to send me on a ‘Learn to Lead’ course at De Baak. Since the practical placement for the course was at the bank, I could turn theory into practice.’

Totally new

‘After this training course I got the job of team coach to 40 working students. I’m in charge of a flexible pool of young people who work at RKS to supplement their student loans. It’s a fantastic opportunity of course. I was thrown right in at the deep end and really had to prove myself. I wasn’t just starting out in my first job as a team leader, I was working with people who are still learning the ropes in a large organization. Everything was totally new.’

Living proof

‘As team coach it’s up to me to check that my team are feeling fit when we have our daily start-up meeting. I make sure that the call center is properly staffed and love enthusing my team with my drive to make customers happy. I’m also responsible for the quality of customer service and for helping my employees achieve their growth and development goals. People who prioritize their own personal development get plenty of opportunities at Rabobank. That’s what makes it a great place to work. I now have someone in my team who told me they’d like to work at a local bank. So I’m going to help them. Because I’m living proof that if you dare to voice your ambition and show initiative, all sorts of things are possible. My advice to everyone is: think about who you are, what you’re good at and where you want to be in two years.’

Next goal

‘I’m already starting to carefully look ahead to my next career move. I’m very proud of how I’ve progressed my personal development in the past year. For instance, I learned about the best ways to train people and to give them roles where they can shine. What I want to learn now is how to lead co-workers who are on fixed contracts, or people with more experience within Rabobank. That’s my next goal.’