Making the world a better place and working on personal development, that’s the Rabobank traineeship

‘Spend a year working on different assignments in a company that wants to make the world a better place: that sounded like the best personal development option for me. Although, as a law student I’d always assumed I would work at one of the big corporate law firms on the Amsterdam Zuidas. That seemed the most logical step after a master’s in corporate law and a bachelor degree in Dutch law. But gradually I started looking for development opportunities that were broader than the law. Rabobank gave me that opportunity.’

Have a say in your own development

‘On the Rabobank Global Traineeship you learn an enormous amount in a one-year period. The structure of the program means that you work on different assignments and projects and learn something new each time. Another great aspect is that you have a say in your own development and what you work on. The first assignment is usually related to an area you’re familiar with. In my case that was a project management role at Wholesale. This was a really great experience that also influenced my choice for my first job following the traineeship.

The second is your ‘stretch assignment’. Quite a shift for me. The idea is that you develop completely new skills and competences in a field where you still have a lot to learn as a trainee. I learned what’s involved in managing a team responsible for test-data delivery and personal data anonymization. Something I had never done before; I didn’t have much IT experience either. What struck me most was the impact it had on the team when I was actually on-site in the office. My presence as a sounding board was a huge boost to the team spirit. That was the most surprising take-out for me.

I did my third assignment in the Risk department where I worked on export and project finance and corporate finance. The focus at project finance was on lending for solar power parks and wind farms, for instance. As a credit analyst I learned to read a balance sheet and identify risks to reach a final risk assessment. I also had an administrative role in the credit committee. Through this work I gained experience right across the board and learned an enormous amount.’

From colleagues to friends

‘During the traineeship you learn a lot as a professional, but I think you may learn even more as an individual. The traineeship focuses intensively on who you are and where you want to go in your career. What I liked most is that when you leave college you go to a company that supports and coaches you, with a talent development manager, a mentor and an external coach. And the group of trainees you start out with grows closer too. Especially during the workshops and training courses that you take as a group. You share the entire experience and forge a strong connection. The traineeship is over, but we keep in touch. We still see each other regularly at work and in our free time. For instance, we organize a weekend away each year and we go to festivals together.

Once you complete the traineeship, you have more than enough options to move into a job at Rabobank. That could be an existing role, or one that you create for yourself. I talked to different colleagues about what I was looking for and the opportunities on offer. I started to work as a project manager at Wholesale Rural & Retail. My goal is to work as a business manager in this international environment. I hope that the scope and development opportunities that Rabobank offers will help me to quickly achieve this ambition.’

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