In times of crisis you can really help as a marketer

Sander Vroom, advisor Marketing, Communicatie and Coöperatie at Rabobank Zuid-Holland Midden

At our bank you'll find a lot of people with a mission. They work hard for a better society and really know how to change things.


Sander Vroom (43) is one of them. He gets up every day energized to do his job. Also during the corona crisis. Especially now, as a marketer, he can contribute regional initiatives with his knowledge and the bank’s network. From TU Delft recycling mouth masks to helping a teacher to collect laptops for primary school children.


“Traditionally, as a marketer, you help a brand grow. But at our bank you are challenged to go a step further. I’m allowed to put the bank’s mission into practice: “Growing a better world together”. That’s why I enjoy going to work every day. It adds significance to my workday to contribute to local connection and growth. I think it’s a great idea that we, as a bank, improve and help society as a whole”.


“Especially in this day and age, as a marketer at Rabobank, I can really help. Entrepreneurs are now in a very difficult situation. That’s why I’m thinking along with them on a daily basis on how we can deal with the consequences of the virus together. My work is more valuable now than ever, that’s what I really feel. I can connect organizations from the bank’s large network very quickly. Or I can link an entrepreneur on the same day with a colleague who can help with financing. I also keep a close eye for initiatives on LinkedIn and respond when I think the bank can help. I am also approached extensively myself. We’ve already helped various initiatives, including the following three.”

Laptops for homeschooling

“A primary school teacher I know from our Delft network ‘Delft Verbindt’ approached me. He knows a lot of pupils without a laptop who can’t take lessons at home at the moment. He wasn’t necessarily looking for funding, but he was looking for ways to get laptops. I was able to help by connecting him to the right person at the city council and at telecom providers, but also by sharing this problem internally at Rabobank Nederland. This way, he got in touch with many different colleagues who could help him with laptops in different ways. By now, he has collected quite a few laptops.”

My work is more valuable now than ever, that's what I really feel.
Sander Vroom

Flower along the road

“An entrepreneur posted a website on LinkedIn on which she had collected all the ornamental growers in the region who now sell their flowers by the roadside. A great initiative I shared on my LinkedIn. Her initiative gets an even wider reach among people in this region. We still need a daily walk around the block to get some fresh air. The more people combine their stroll with a bouquet of fresh flowers, the better we support our local producers.”


“Another great initiative to which we are now contributing is a special recycling project for mouthpieces by a professor at TU Delft. He wants to help combat the shortage of these devices. Three hospitals have already adopted his special cleaning process. In addition, he is helping care institutions that don’t have the resources to clean mouth caps themselves. On behalf of our local Rabo Corona Emergency FundThis emergency fund is determined and filled out per region. More information on what Rabobank is doing during the Corona crisis can be found on Rabo & Co we made a donation to help with part of the logistics. And we also help with our network. I asked our Director of Health Care to share the initiative with his supporters, so even more healthcare institutions can seek help and our healthcare personnel are better protected. That’s what I call impact.”