Working on a better world together: It's possible as a Rabobank Young Professional

Daphne: "I believe that everyone has the responsibility to make the world a better place. That includes big companies. Because Rabobank has so many large companies in its portfolio, it also has a social responsibility. That's extremely appealing to me. It means that I, as a Young Professional, can contribute to helping companies become more sustainable, for example."

Daphne van Tetering

Meet Young Professional Daphne van Tetering

  • Daphne is a Young Professional in the Advanced Analytics Program.
  • She has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Technology and a master’s in Data Science Technology.
  • She can tell you everything about Rabobank’s use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • She made a new group of friends at Rabobank through the program.
  • She wants to develop statistical models that help make the world a better place.

The step from university to working was massive for me

“After completing my master’s degree in Data Science Technology, I wanted to get work experience while also learning more. Rabobank’s Young Professional Program in Advanced Analytics was the perfect combination for me because you can work on your professional and personal development. Even though Rabobank is huge, it feels like a close-knit community thanks to the people I work with. You can really be yourself here. It’s also great working with the other Young Professionals from my program. We see each other regularly, whether it’s for work or just a cup of coffee. All these factors make Rabobank the perfect fit for me at this stage in my career.”

What is the program like?

“On Day 1 there’s a kick-off for all Young Professionals. Then the program gets started. We all combine our work in data and analytics with on-the-job learning, training courses, and coaching. The program has 3 tracks that overlap with each other.”

  • Track 1 – Know yourself
    Personal skills and coaching (how to be the best you and how to use your skills)
  • Track 2 – Know the bank
    Learn all there is to know about Rabobank and cooperative banking
  • Stroming 3 – Know your trade
    Learning on the job (teamwork and getting experience with it)

Work that matters

“I have learned so much from the experienced colleagues of the Risk Analytics Team. We focus on how to apply all the available data within Rabobank in statistic models and for AI and algorithms—all tools that we can use to gather more data. It is fascinating to discover all the things you can do with data. Because Rabobank has so many clients in the Food & Agri sector, we are trying to help them make the way they operate more sustainable. My department also has a team that focuses on the climate change risks for our clients, but also for Rabobank itself.”

Woman behind laptop shows something to standing man

These risks extend from reducing CO2 to flagging money laundering

“It is not necessary to have a financial background to become a Young Professional at Rabobank. I can go in just about any direction here thanks to my background in computer and data science. For example, I work on credit models for SME Netherlands that can be used in decisions about whether to accept a certain party as a client. Another example is the function in the Rabo App that gives customers insight into the amount of CO2 emissions associated with their purchases. In the future, I’d like to work in the Know Your Customer department, where my colleagues conduct research into fraud and money laundering. In short: there’s such a diversity of opportunities.”

Getting to know yourself better

“I’ve also learned an awful lot from outside my team, especially about myself. All the Young Professionals participate in a variety of training courses. When people ask me what it is exactly that I do, I can give a good answer thanks to the storytelling training. The training on management drives taught me that I have an extroverted personality. That was a valuable course that helped me understand more and more about myself.”

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What is the supervision like?

“The personal supervision offered by Rabobank is very good. I have a talent development manager who helps me get all I can from the program. And I have a buddy for practical matters. Finally, the great advantage of this program is that besides learning a lot from the more experienced colleagues, you can also benefit from the diversity of the Young Professionals group. Since we all have different backgrounds we can learn a lot from each other.”

Questions for the recruiter?

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