Frying eggs with the sun at CampZone 2019

Make a durable oven in a few days time

CampZone is the largest gaming event in the Netherlands. Eleven days in the summer, gamers can indulge themselves with tournaments, offline and online games and a Rabobank Challenge!

Rabobank has long been a sponsor of CampZone. Employees are present at the festival throughout the week to meet old and new friends, to play games and above all to have a lot of fun. Each year, the team comes up with a special assignment that festival-goers can take part in. This year it was the Solar Challenge.

If you take part in the challenge, you will receive material on the first day with which you have to make an oven within a week that will only work through the sun. The oven not only has to work, but you also have to be able to make a meal in it. In one week you can build, test, taste and finally demonstrate your creation. And you get bonus points if at least one egg from the local poultry farmer is used in the recipe! In this way, at CampZone, you can see sustainable and minimal food waste. After a week of building prototypes, inventing recipes and testing, the top 3 came out with winners. They went home with great prizes.



Watch our impression in video and photo of the CampZone event where you can see Furhat and the Silent Disco of the Rabobank.

See you at CampZone 2020!