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An employer that encourages continuous growth

Ali Babakhan, Rabo Global Traineeship

‘I graduated in health care policy and management and gained a master degree in strategic management. Then it turned out my first job was not the right job for me.  A friend saw that I was unhappy and told me about the Rabobank Global Traineeship. I was convinced that this would be right for me. At my very first meeting with Rabobank I felt an instant click with the open culture at the bank.  There’s a good atmosphere amongst co-workers and right away I could see that people listened to what I had to say. Plus the financial sector is fascinating to work in: the winds of change are blowing strong from new innovative parties. The traineeship gave me the opportunity to take on three or four different roles each year in completely different departments.’

Great leaps

‘In the Rabobank Global Traineeship you work on assignments that are totally different each time. They call these rotations. In my second rotation I set up a blockchain platform with the eight biggest European banks. I was given the responsibility for drawing up the business case. This involved multiple contacts with colleagues from other banks but also with consultants, lawyers and IT specialists. For the final rotation I explicitly chose an area I knew nothing about, to widen my scope. So I went to work as a marketing analyst at the Data Analytics department.

You learn so much, not just from the topic you work on, but from each other. At Rabobank you work intensively with other trainees, for instance during business trips and leadership programs. And once a week there’s a training day for trainees to work as a group on interpersonal skills. My supervisors were always on hand too, so we developed a strong connection. And you get support from the talent development manager, that’s your first point of contact for personal development for a year. Then there’s an external coach, plus a mentor, plus the manager of the department. All the guidance and coaching you could ask for!’

Just the start

‘After my traineeship I wanted to stay on the innovative digital side of the bank. And I succeeded: I now work as product manager for a new Rabobank software product. We brought it to market last year and I’m now working on the branding and positioning, online and offline. Innovation was a recurring theme of the traineeship. The fact that the bank is investing so much in innovation is a great motivator. For me the mission of ‘Growing a better world together’ is all about innovation.

I’d advise anyone thinking about doing a traineeship to contact a current or past trainee to hear about all the options. That will give you a better idea of the company and of the traineeship. At Rabobank people are always open to talk and they can help you form a clearer picture of your new employer.’

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