A smooth KYC organisation thanks to the process manager

Rianne Schneider – Process Manager KYC

As a process improver pur sang with all the belts you can get within the Lean philosophy, Rianne Schneider has been working as Process Manager at KYC since February 2021. This role is tailor-made for her. Her skills and knowledge are of inestimable value in streamlining the processes within this fast-growing field. And not only that: new colleagues flourish under Rianne's inspiring guidance.

From bottlenecks to streamlining

“As a process manager, I improve the way KYC works every day. The overarching goal: a more streamlined organisation. With so many colleagues in KYC, it is a shame if several people have to reinvent the wheel. Therefore, we define processes, apply the Lean philosophyLean philosophy: Lean is a management philosophy within the field of operations management. Within this philosophy, processes are aimed at maximum customer value with minimal waste. For more information, please visit https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lean_manufacturing. and determine which parts we can automate or robotise. In addition, we are getting more and more colleagues and it is necessary that we train everyone in the right way, using the same methods.”

Rianne explains how she does it. “I am involved in designing and improving processes. An improvement starts with the identification of bottlenecks, often by employees themselves. Or we do a process scan, where we sit down with employees to expose bottlenecks. Then we put together a team that we think will be able to solve the problem. They could be colleagues from robotics, automation, policy, legal affairs or risk, for example. It often involves many different stakeholders. And depending on the type of solution, this is followed by a construction phase or directly by the implementation phase.”

The dedication and idealism of colleagues within KYC is truly palpable.
Rianne Schneider – Process Manager KYC

A profession for idealists

The status of the profession is changing. “Huge steps have been made in the field recently. In the past, colleagues at local banks did CDD on the side, as part of the customer contact. CDD was the predecessor of KYC. Meanwhile, KYC has become a real branch of sport, a specialism in itself. It’s important for our customers because they can trust their bank, but also for the bank itself and for society as a whole. The dedication and idealism of colleagues within KYC can therefore be truly felt. That makes it a wonderful and valuable profession.”

Her own love for the profession is twofold. “On the one hand, I am driven by a similar moral compass. And by curiosity. I am fascinated by the administration of justice and the motives of criminals. When I was just working at KYC, shady deals happened to come to light at a coffee shop that I cycled past almost every day on my way to work. When I hear something like that, I immediately want to know all about it. I then went through the entire court ruling. It turned out that the bank was right to part with the coffee shop as a customer. I think it’s very cool that through my work I contribute to a safer society.”

“On the other hand, this position offers me new challenges. And I need that. I have many opportunities here to shape processes and make them better. Especially since KYC has developed into a full-fledged profession. We have organised it more centrally and it gets top priority from the bank. I have been in KYC for less than a year, but with my 10 years of experience in the bank, I can make a big difference here and build something. I also mentor new people. And seeing juniors and mediors grow, that’s really what I like best.”

Rianne Schneider

Proactive and eager to learn

Improvement and development seem to be the common threads in Rianne’s career. “That’s who I am. I am always on the move, always looking for ways to make things better. Be it processes, the development of others, but also of myself. I am very proactive about that. Fortunately, I do get the space to do so. I have been with Rabobank for 10 years and if there is one thing I am proud of, it is continuing to grow. On the one hand through courses and training – all lean certificates of course – and on the other hand by taking opportunities to gain experience in different positions.”

“I learn a lot from others, so I need a new environment every so often. New people, new insights. I have worked in various places within the bank and always take something with me. I also give workshops to colleagues and see it as an interaction: you pass on knowledge, but you also get something in return. So it’s an interaction that keeps me sharp and informed of what’s happening in other domains.”

Rianne works within KYC Change & Support