Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about your job application.

We can imagine that you might have specific questions before, during or after you’ve applied for a job with us. For instance, about the process, your application itself, employment conditions or practical information. On this page you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Job application

  • No. To comply with data protection legislation we do not process applications sent by email.  The website is the only channel you can use to send your application.

  • When you respond to a vacancy you automatically receive an email to confirm that your application has been received. The system only sends this confirmation if your application has in fact been received. If you have received this email, you can be sure that we will process your application.

  • No, not in every case. We look mainly at your skills and your general work experience. If you have skills which we specify for a particular job, do not hesitate to apply. For certain jobs,  experience in specific professional fields is important.

Application Process

  • When we receive your application, the recruiter and manager read your CV and covering letter. The manager decides whether to invite you for a first interview and informs the recruiter. You receive an invitation for a first interview from our HR support colleagues. After this interview the recruiter and manager discuss the next steps. If there is a positive outcome, you will be invited for a second interview.  In some cases you will also be asked to take an assessment. If we decide to offer you the job, the recruiter will contact you to make an offer. Once you have accepted the offer, we will start the screening process and also start the administrative process to get you started at Rabobank.

  • We aim to complete the entire process within 5 weeks (from job application to job offer). As you will understand, this will depend on your availability, that of the manager and other people involved in the process. After that, it  takes another 2-3 weeks to complete the screening process and draw up your contract.

  • We start the screening process immediately after you accept the offer. It can take up to 10 days to complete the screening process.  The timing depends mainly on how quickly your references send us their replies.

  • We understand that you are keen to know what’s happening with your application, but we, of course, have to treat everyone’s application in the same way. Which is why you can expect a response no later than  two weeks from the closing date for applications. If you have any questions or comments in the meantime, please contact the recruiter mentioned in the vacancy text.

  • That depends on the vacancy. We give the same careful consideration to all applicants. We continue looking for the right candidate up to the closing date for the vacancy and are very interested in receiving your application.

  • Like every other financial institution in the Netherlands, we will screen you before you start working for us. Our screening procedures apply to every employee who will perform tasks for Rabobank. The screening process is designed to find out if a new employee meets our standards of trustworthiness. You can only start work for us if your screening process has been fully completed with a positive result before your first working day.

  • If we have made you an offer and you have accepted and confirmed it via email, we recommend that you inform your employer of the situation. In order to successfully complete the screening, our screening department will ask for your permission to contact your current supervisor in order to complete the screening. If your supervisor has not yet been informed of your departure, you can indicate to our screening department the date from which they can start the process. Please note that this will negatively affect the duration of the screening, which will also delay the follow-up steps.

  • Once you have successfully completed the screening process and reference check, your offer letter is binding. This means you can give your notice to your current employer. If you choose to wait until you have your contract, keep in mind your possible notice period with your current employer.

  • Your future manager will send you the contract when the screening process is complete. Naturally we aim to send you this contract before your first working day. But there are exceptions; for instance you may receive the contract after you start work if there is a very short period between applying for the job and the start date. But don’t worry, you are still very welcome!

  • For more information about why your application was rejected, you can contact the recruiter who dealt with your vacancy. Sometimes your application may be rejected even though you meet all the job requirements. In these cases, it could be that some applicants offered just that bit extra in terms of knowledge/skills or that their personality is a better fit with the team they will be working in. It doesn’t mean that you are not suitable for the job in question. We certainly encourage you to apply again if you are interested in another vacancy.


  • If the manager will be at the job interview, you will be asked in advance to complete a form relating to any secondary activities. You will also be asked to bring your proof of identity and your diploma as proof of your highest level of education. We recommend that you read the vacancy carefully, think about some real-life examples using the STARR method and, above all, just be yourself!

  • We recommend that you wear something smart and professional that you feel comfortable in (business casual).

  • Please contact the HR portal colleagues at +31 (0) 30 216 44 46. They will be happy to help.


  • The email details and telephone numbers are shown in the vacancy text below the photo of our recruiters.

  • If you want to claim travel costs, please inform the recruiter. There is a form you can use to declare your travel costs.

Terms of employment

  • Rabobank awards a development budget of €1,400 per year to all internal employees. It can be spent over a period of three years.

  • Yes, all internal employees of Rabobank are provided with a laptop and a cell phone as a matter of course. When you have completed your trial period you may also place a one-off order with a Rabobank preferred supplier for a standard office set which includes a desk, office chair and/or monitor.

  • Like many, we at Rabobank experience that work does not necessarily have to be done in a certain space and within certain hours. That is why we continue to work hybrid at Rabobank. You decide for yourself when, where and how you can work pleasantly and effectively with your colleagues. The wishes of you as an employee, plus the requirements of your work, are central to this. Read more about hybrid working at Rabobank.

  • Yes, all internal employees of Rabobank receive a working-from-home allowance of € 40 per month, based on an average working week of 5 days.

  • The EBB amounts to between 9% and 11% of your monthly income depending on your salary scale. You are free to use this budget as you choose to buy extra hours of leave, save for your pension or have it paid out to you each month.

  • Normally employees receive a standard travel allowance, but this does not apply under the present working-from-home requirements. If a member of staff does come to the office, they can claim their travel costs.

  • The pension scheme is a Collective Defined Contribution scheme. The maximum payable by the employee is 3.5% of pensionable salary.

  • The annual leave entitlement for an average number of working hours of 36 hours per week is 151.2 hours per calendar year. Employees can buy additional hours of leave, at their own discretion, from their Employee Benefit Budget.

  • All internal employees of Rabobank receive a holiday allowance (equivalent to 8% of the monthly salary paid out) and an annual allowance (equivalent to 1/12 of the monthly salaries paid out).