Audit at Rabobank

Advise the bank, your colleagues and the client with sharp analyses and good advice.

Independent and objective: that’s you. Auditors provide assurance. You provide insight into the degree of risk management and advise on how we can reach solutions together. You sit around the table with senior management, as a trusted advisor. By suggesting process improvements, you help the bank to move forward and, in doing so, also help the client and, in a broader perspective, society. Thanks to you, we will improve our products and services, customers will be better protected and we will keep the bank and the financial system as healthy as possible.

As you know, the financial sector is changing rapidly. This calls for inquisitive auditors who think and act innovatively. For example, you will be working with text mining and other modern data analysis methods. Or you could investigate the extent to which culture and behaviour influence risk management. Not an auditor yet? No problem! We believe in cross-pollination. Moreover, personal and professional growth are paramount at Audit.

Is a stable bank in a healthy financial system important to you? Are you curious, critical, entrepreneurial and a good sparring partner? Then working within Audit is really something for you.

What is the importance of audit at Rabobank? Rudi Kleijwegt - Chief Audit

The stories of our Audit colleagues

Frequently asked questions about working in Audit

  • What areas of expertise are there within Audit at Rabobank?
    There are 4 portfolios in which you can work as an auditor:

    KYC / Compliance: These are the bank’s KYC, Compliance, HR and Legal activities. Themes you often work with are privacy, culture and leadership.

    IT, Data & Innovation: This covers the bank’s activities in IT, architecture, systems and technology. Themes you often work with are cybersecurity, data quality innovation and outsourcing.

    Business Retail and Business Wholesale & Rural: These are the bank’s activities in the areas of customer contact, financing, payments, insurance and assets. Themes you often work with are duty of care, execution power and digitalisation.

    Risk: This covers the bank’s activities in credit, finance and models and general risk management. Themes you will often work with include sustainability, general risk management and our Risk Control Framework

  • Within Audit, we are mainly looking for colleagues who have a college or university degree and 5 to 10 years of work experience. Not necessarily as an auditor or accountant, although an education in that direction (RA/RE) is useful. We are open to people with different backgrounds and therefore also to colleagues from the first and/or second line: ‘the business’. Experience with risk analysis and stakeholder management is very useful. In addition, you should enjoy advising and supporting colleagues in finding solutions as a result of the audit findings.

  • At Rabobank, and certainly within Audit, the working atmosphere is informal. We have a diverse team and work Agile and very autonomously. Audit also gives you a lot of room for innovation and new ideas.

    In addition, Rabobank is a cooperative and from that point of view it is also different from a ‘traditional bank’. We play an important role in society, we attach great value to financial self-reliance and we contribute to the energy and food transition. Read more about our cooperative philosophy here.

  • Good. We think it is important that you are the best version of yourself not only at work, but also at home.

    With Rabo@AnywhereRabo@Anywhere is the way of working at Rabobank in the Netherlands. you decide for yourself where and when you work.  Audit at Rabobank therefore means the best of both worlds: high-quality, challenging work and a good balance between work and private life.

  • Within Audit, we find this extremely important, even necessary. You distinguish yourself by continuously developing yourself, because this allows you to apply data in innovative ways and develop new methods in the field of culture and behaviour. In this way you stimulate innovation and together we create a better sustainable world.

    Naturally, we invest in a broad base and there are ample opportunities for specialisation. We offer the mandatory training courses for RA/RE/RO on an annual basis. And if you already have these titles, we ensure that you keep them by gaining PE points. But you can also follow Business English, Data Analysis or other courses with us.

    We also have an internal Audit Summer School. Senior Audit Manager Eveline tells you more about this.

    Finally, you also learn a lot from each other. Many experienced colleagues work at Audit and you always have someone to spar with.

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