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Chapter Design - Creating Delightful Experiences

Welcome to Chapter Design, the internal design studio of Rabobank. With 60+ designers, researchers and strategists, we translate the Rabobank strategy and brand promise to user focused concepts and deliver innovative experiences which are inclusive, of the highest quality, consistent and coherent, and exceed expectations across platforms and products. ​We are curious, creative and critical thinkers. We take pride in our craft and love to collaborate. Want to join us?

What excites me, is that my work affects millions of customers.
Ruddy Rodriguez, Designer

How we work: Design, Research and Strategy

What we do

Our work impacts the lives of our 9+ million customers and 43+ thousand colleagues around the world. From strategic futuristic concepts down to pixel perfect delivery of a new feature, we always strive to create the most delightful experience. This could be improving the transaction overview in the Rabo App, but also applying our knowledge and experience to the (your!) employee onboarding experience.

How we do it

Supported by our design researchers through training an consulting, we conduct our own user research. We thrive by staying in close contact with our users. We conduct both validation research, such as usability tests, and explorative research, such as diary studies, on a variety of topics such as accessibility and privacy. We also digest user feedback from the app stores, dive into analytics data and listen to customer service calls. By understanding we are able to do the right thing and we create by doing the things right. In this process we collaborate with product owners, developers, innovation, marketing and other stakeholders.

How we grow the design maturity of Rabobanky

But that’s not all – we also facilitate workshops and trainings on design skills, for our own designers, but also for our stakeholders. With all these activities, we grow the design maturity of Rabobank as a whole.

Meet our designers & researchers

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