104 Customer & Product jobs for growing a better world together

Customer & Product

Customers’ expectations of us today are completely different than they were five years ago. Are you in tune with their needs? Or even better, do you know what clients will want from us tomorrow? Our vision is clear: it’s all about helping people meet their needs in this fast-paced society. Through a convenient app, transparent online services, helpful support from customer service or a face-to-face meeting. The constantly shifting interface between the digital and the ‘real’ world offers many opportunities for interacting with customers. It is also why it’s such a fascinating time to work at Rabobank.

Hundreds of people work for Customer & Product. Theirs are the faces the bank shows to the outside world and to our eight million critical customers. Whether you’re answering the phone in a call center, advising retail customers at a local bank, providing customized service to SMEs, connecting with an entire industry sector as a sector banker, or designing savings and investment products as a product manager, you define how our customers experience Rabobank. Now and in the future.

  • Define and show the face of Rabobank
  • Contribute to the best customer experience
  • Serve more than eight million customers
  • Enjoy freedom and responsibility
  • Develop yourself and your talents