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Customer Due Diligence

Know your customer, there may be more than meets the eye

Due diligence means ‘appropriate care’. For Rabobank, it is a vital principle for sound banking. That’s why we want to get to know our customers, because we can only help them realize their ambitions if we know our customers well. But it also enables us to intervene if we find that our bank is being misused for money laundering, fraud or terrorist financing. We owe that not only to ourselves and our customers, but also to society as a whole. See what we’re doing to safeguard our financial system, and how you can help.

Customer Due Diligence

Map the world of our customers

Thanks to your research, we can get to know our customers even better. We gain a clear picture of their organizational structure, ownership, transaction patterns, and the goals they want to achieve. Together with your colleagues in our CDD Expert Teams, you won’t rest until you get to the bottom of the issue with the help of the smartest tools and algorithms available. You’ll analyze documents and enter into discussions with stakeholders. You’ll follow evidence that may indicate increased risk. And you’ll constantly keep on the lookout, because you don’t want to miss any details. You’ll conduct a thorough risk analysis to determine whether there’s an increased integrity risk. That’s your call! In so doing, you’ll help to make our world a little better. A responsible job that you can be proud of.

  • Protect our customers and our bank with impeccable risk analyses
  • Enjoy above-market employment terms
  • Grow personally by taking control of your own development