Webinar What’s Up IT @ Rabobank | YPP talk

This event is no longer available

Where: Online
For whom: Students & Young Professionals
Sign up before: 11 January 2021
Expertise: IT
When: 13 January 2021 - 13 January 2021

Excited about your start in IT, but not sure where your skillset fits best?
If you are asking yourself this question, then join our next What's Up IT @ Rabobank webinar on 13 January from 12.00-13.00 hours.

You’ll hear from the 3 IT young professionals in the picture above (made pre-Corona) how they dived into the IT world at Rabobank.
Listen to their insights on how they took a leap of faith as a Security Advisor, Business Consultant, and Solution Architect. And which hard and soft skills - they think - are important for young professionals in IT. So listen and learn, so you are well prepared to enter the IT job market with full confidence!