At Rabobank, we want to create an environment where employees can be themselves and develop themselves, both on a personal level, in a team, and as members of society. This is how we contribute to our mission: Growing a Better World Together. This includes attractive employee benefits. This page presents an overview of a number of benefits.
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Rising Income

Your salary can increase by 2.5% or 5% per year, depending on how you score in terms of your individual contribution, conduct, and development. Your salary can also go up if you get a promotion, for example. If you make a horizontal switch to a different job in the same salary scale, you will receive a reward of EUR 1,000.

Development Budget

As an employee of Rabobank, you decide how to shape your development and your career. You receive a development budget of EUR 1,400 annually for this purpose. Use this budget to participate in different courses, trainings, or workshops.

Employee Benefit Budget

In addition to their salary, 8% vacation pay, and 13th month pay, all Rabobank employees are given an Employee Benefit Budget (EBB) amounting to between 9% and 11% of their salary. Employees can choose how to use their EBB in a way that suits their personal circumstances and preferences. For example, if you want more vacation days, you can use the EBB to buy some. Or if you’d rather have the EBB paid out monthly in your salary, that is also an option.

Hybrid working

Optimum work conditions whether you’re at home, the office, or abroad—at Rabobank, hybrid working is the norm. You don’t have to worry about your home working space. We give you a budget which you can spend on a sit-stand desk or wide screen monitor, for instance. You also get a working-from-home and internet allowance.

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Moments that matter

Births, deaths, or other important life events—at Rabobank we believe it is important for employees to be given time and space during beautiful and difficult times. As well as pregnancy leave and maternity leave, new parents receive 100% of their salary during four weeks of their paid parental or spousal leave. Partners receive 100% of their salary for a period of six weeks during (additional) leave after the birth of a child. There’s also a leave entitlement in cases of bereavement.

Employees are also entitled to a free day that they can use as their Diversity Day. Employees can take this free day to observe any holiday they choose, whether it be one of their own making or a holiday associated with their religion or way of life, such as Good Friday, Eid al-Fitr, or Divali.


Have you made plans for your life after retirement? At Rabobank we believe it is important for you to enjoy life later as much as you enjoy it now. As a Rabobank employee, you decide what that looks like. For example, you can determine how much of your salary to put towards your pension (3.5% or 5.5%) and you can opt for an 80-90-100 plan up to a maximum of four years before reaching state retirement age. The 80-90-100 plan entails working 80% of your contract hours while receiving 90% of your salary and accruing 100% of your pension benefits.

Travel cost reimbursement

If you travel by train, we will give you an NS Business Card for 2nd class travel. Prefer to use your own transportation? For that we provide a fixed commuter allowance.

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All terms of employment at a glance

Rabobank has a customized Collective Labor Agreement (CAO) designed to reflect both the nature of the bank and meet your needs as an employee.

Consult the Rabobank Collective Labor Agreement 2024-2025 to find out more.

Rabobank Collective Labor Agreement 2024-2025
pdf - 3.30MB

Consult the negotiation result for the Rabobank Collective Labor Agreement 2024-2025.

Rabobank CLA negotiation result 2024-2025
pdf - 1.52MB