How do starters experience hybrid work?

Frieke staat op afdeling kantoor
Frieke staat op afdeling van kantoor
Frieke Ketelaars
Data Scientist - Global Transaction Monitoring
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Applying online, onboarding and starting your new job. How does hybrid working work out for first-time job seekers? Does it weigh in the decision for a certain employer? And how do you build a network in these times? We ask Frieke Ketelaars, Junior Data Analyst and participant in YPP, Rabobank's Young Professional Program.

“I started in July as a Junior Data Analyst within Global Transaction Monitoring. This is a part of Tech4FEC, FEC. My team translates third party software into an in-house application. The software is used to tackle money laundering, among other things. In addition, I am following the YPP, Rabobank’s start-up program.

Decide for yourself when and where you work

“The onboarding for my position as a Data Analyst started completely digitally. The type of work I do, IT, lends itself well to working online. For some meetings it’s more convenient to be together, but since some of our team members work from abroad, we always have a hybrid form. You just have to coordinate well with each other: what do you do digitally and when is it better to meet at the office.”

“Within Rabobank, you can partly decide when you work in the office and when at home. That flexibility, that you choose how you arrange your days, works great. For me, networking is important. I like to go to the office to meet people. But if I continue to work in the office afterwards, I consciously look for a place where I can concentrate well.”

Frieke cycling

“I can easily imagine that when you have children, flexibility in work/life balance is important to you. Or, depending on where and how far you live from work, time spent commuting. My commute isn’t too bad, go to the office by bike. I enjoy getting some fresh air.”

Young Professional Program

“My batch of the YPP started in October which allowed for more opportunities to meet with each other than for the previous batch. They started completely online. The first 6 months you do technical training within the YPP IT and work on your personal development. Who are you, what do you want, what do you do well and what not so well? We then discuss this with each other. You really get to know yourself.”

"It's a pleasure to meet everyone in real life as well." 
Frieke Ketelaars

“Talking about personal things is a lot easier for me offline. Through a screen, it’s harder to create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable. That’s why we work together physically on the Fridays of the YPP. We are all in the same phase: just finished studying and started working. It’s nice to meet everyone in real life, work together and have a drink afterwards.”

“Building a network is important to me, both professionally and socially. Of course, I’m already in the YPP, which helps, but when it’s convenient, I also like to participate in activities of Jong Rabo. This is the network for young employees within Rabobank. Company visits, debates, sailing together: all sorts of things are organized. I like meeting different people. It doesn’t always have to be about work.”

Going abroad

“The YPP IT program includes two business challenges. Together with your team you work on, for example, a tool to develop digital skills, a prototype or a mobile app. You can complete the second challenge abroad if you wish.”

Hybrid working has made it easier to have a part of the team work from home and part on location. It’s just harder to sell the fact that you actually have to go abroad. Despite the fact that a lot can be done digitally, I would love to go abroad. It is a unique opportunity! Traveling and spending time in a totally different environment is fantastic. Especially if you get to know the culture and people well.”

Communicating through the screen

“I originally applied for a different job opening at Rabobank than the position I am currently working in. When I called to find out more, I got into a conversation with the contact person for that position. He took the time to talk to me about whether this would be the best role for me given my background and education. He then directed me to another job opening with the opportunity to participate in YPP IT.”

Frieke in gesprek met collega

“The job application process took place online, but I was used to that by now. What I liked was that the interviews were informal. It felt very natural. That is special, because I find it difficult to read someone’s body language online. I thought, if you can already convey this feeling through the screen, then I will feel at home in the team in real life as well.”

“Another thing that weighed in on my choice of Rabobank is that by working within Global Transaction Monitoring you really contribute to society. What I do helps in the fight against money laundering and terrorism. I had previously looked at jobs with the police, I find preventing crime interesting, but I certainly didn’t expect to end up doing this at a bank. And certainly not partly working from home!”